Stop Stalling and Address These Prepping Issues

Stop Stalling and Address These Prepping Issues


Confession time. I like to procrastinate. Rather, I don’t always like it but I frequently do it. There’s truth to the old saying that “if it weren’t for the last minute, nothing would get done.” How’s your score on the time management issue? Yeah, thought so…


Don’t feel that bad. Good old James Altucher, finance guy and philosopher, says procrastination is really the brain’s way of telling you you’d rather be doing something else. This is helpful to know in many areas of life. However, some parts of survival prepping may not be one of them.


Brea Miller and Survival Sullivan present ten things you’re probably putting off and shouldn’t. Face it, some things we have to do, if we expect a pleasant or acceptable outcome. The good news is that these things are pretty easy. Change how you think of and approach them and the doing becomes second nature. Here’s a glimpse of that top ten:


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“Procrastination. It is such a bad word it really should have only four letters. Preppers are not procrastinators by nature, but it has been known to happen, especially when there are so many big items on the preparedness “to do” list.
Neglecting to prepare thoroughly and expeditiously can, and likely will, get you killed during a SHTF scenario.


There are many tasks you may be postponing and shouldn’t be, but here are ten survival things you shouldn’t postpone any longer.”



Yikes! Getting killed by putting it off is kind of harsh. But Miller may be kind of right. So…


Legacy Food Storage


You weren’t expecting this one, were you? I wouldn’t have thought about it. I fear no needle but I do not like going near doctors. But it makes sense. The shot is cheap, fast, and easy and will prevent a world of trouble – whether there’s an “emergency” or not.


Go ahead, call your doctor. Miller also provides good tips on cut and wound care!




If there is a major or minor disaster or a necessary bug out, then it will pay to have all your important documents in one place, ready to grab and go. This will greatly assist with rebuilding and getting back to normal.


Don’t neglect important pictures and a list of contacts. And don’t assume your cellphone, and built-in, contacts will work after SHTF. Paper.




It’s getting to be a little while since I’ve had a baby to care for. I remember it all involved a lot of stuff – little things like diapers, wipes, formula, bottles, and some impossible to use safety thingies for cabinet doors.


If you have a little one, then make sure she’s planned for and cared for. Stock up on the necessities and keep a supply in your cache AND bug out gear.


Miller has more information than I could ever remember. Seems like there was something about bath water. Maybe it was a ring. Mockingbird? *Perrin is not the go-to guy for baby/toddler parenting advice…*




As we’ve noted before, this is more than just a simple first-aid kit. Consider a full trauma bag and materials. AND … get some training. Take a class and/or get a good medical book. Learn to self-treat common issues. Do it now. Use it later.




Why do I feel like this article is becoming a guilt trip for me? They say we all eventually become our same-sex parents. My old man took the 70’s and the 80’s off from dental care. I think I’m only a few years behind him…


Okay, dental care is like baby care – DON’T look to me for advice. But do take Miller’s. Dental health greatly affects overall bodily health. This is true any time. After the S hits the you-know-what it may become a critical issue.

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See a dentist now or risk using a skating blade like Forrest Gump in that astronaut-Somali pirate movie. You know, the BIG one with the gay attorney on death row….




Whether it’s a job loss or the actual end of the world currently known by us, get your thoughts and feelings in order. Stress is an enemy you don’t need dogging you when all else is already rough. Be ready to accept, adapt, and overcome.


And it’s not just you. You’ll have to do the planning and coaching to get your family through the hard times. This will add to your worries. Start a plan today to make it a little easier to cope with tomorrow. Keep your cool. This too shall pass.




Okay, this one I’ve got. Along with your mind and attitude, your body needs to be as fit as possible.

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This does not mean running a marathon or benching 500 pounds. But it does mean breaking with some of the horrible eating and sedentary practices of the modern world. Get your diet right and stay in at least nominal shape – really try for optimal health.


If you have to hike a long way or carry extra gear, let alone having to fight off zombies, you’ll need to be in better shape than the average couch potato. It can be done. And one can get ready in only a month or two. Plus, one feels better almost immediately, which never hurts.


See Miller’s realistic reasons to be fit for SHTF.




Learning doesn’t stop in school. Heck, today, I don’t think it even starts there.

Learn what’s going on in the world that might affect you. Read Freedom Prepper News. Develop skills and a plan to use them. Then, act and educate your family.




Food, water, supplies and … more clothing. You may need it. And Miller notes you (and yours) may need different sizes – smaller sizes. In an all-out crisis you’ll probably lose weight. Either have some smaller clothes handy or get a smaller belt. (Kids will still grow, so take that into account).


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Perrin the Jerk is going to make you click the original link for this one. But it’s a good end-cap and goes well with all of the foregoing. Check it out.


Check out all of Miller’s excellent advice.


She’s done us a great service compiling this list. A little about her:


*Brea Miller is a stay-at-home mother to her two toddlers and newborn baby girl. She works from home as a writer and virtual assistant. She was raised by prepper parents who instilled the importance of self-reliance at a young age and now continuing on that tradition with her own children. Brea lives on a homestead in Appalachia where she is always taking care of her farm animals or the crops. She doesn’t get much free time but when she does, you will be able to find her out in the woods on the back of a horse, hiking, or hunting.


Now – get with it!


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