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In the aftermath of a serious catastrophe normal, modern communication methods may prove problematic. Preppers are wise to have a few alternatives just in case. Morse Code, whether by electronic transmission, lights, or some other method, is a great option.

The Code has been in use since shortly after Samuel Morse invented the telegraph in 1836. The

Survivalized site ran a fantastic article on learning Morse Code. Please have a look.


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Learn Morse Code For Emergency Communication

After a hurricane or other disaster your cell phone may not work. The same goes for your email and other state-of-the-art communications. Morse Code is a ready alternative. It works by either tapping out or flashing signals which are then translated into letters.

You can use the Code without a telegraph or other advanced equipment. A flashlight or a drum will work if you know what you’re doing. Try to learn the code.

Click Picture For Full Chart!



Chart by

Watch and listen to this informative video:

Video by Dave HimSlef / YouTube.

The next video features a catchy tune which should help you learn. It sounds a little corny, but a jingle is an effective memory tool.

Video by Phil K / YouTube.

The military still uses the Code when it has to. You can as well. Read over the above chart and watch those videos. Try Morse out with your family or team.

The last thing you want is to be unable to communicate after SHTF. Do not rely on sensitive technology that may or may not be there. Be prepared.

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