Survival Lessons from Olympic Biathlon

Survival Lessons from Olympic Biathlon


The Winter Olympics are here once again. Almost everyone has a favorite sport. In general, America’s number one winter games activity is figure skating. It’s lovely and competitive sport for sure. But outside of America the most popular event is the biathlon.


Yes, it is a little bit of a mystery. America is THE gun country, after all. And we have very snowy places. One thing is for certain, biathlon is probably the best winter game training for preppers.


Rusty and True Prepper have a post all about that. Check it out.


Photo by The Daily Beast.


Biathlon is a combination of cross country skiing and riflry. It used to be called Military Patrol Skiing. Competitors ski along , with rifle on back, for varying distances. Then they stop and shoot. These are the very funny looking rifles, but very effective.


All that skiing can get the heart rate up above 200 BPM. And that’s for athletes in great shape – many of us might end up with a 0 BPM…  Anyway, they have to be able to quickly reduce the rate to around 130 so they can accurately shoot. The fact they can do it, is amazing.


The effort combines the best of cardio training and shooting together. And you can do something similar even if there is no snow around. It’s all about breaking the training up a little – so as to mimic real world conditions.


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Check out the videos of the day – for more on Biathlon and, especially, training routines. And, yes, I will be covering the Florida school shooting – tomorrow, either in the news or a seperate video.


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