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Are These Survival Meal Replacements Right For You and Your Family?

Food is critical for life and survival. There’s nothing like a good, fresh, home-cooked meal. Yet, sometimes one just can’t find the right food. Fortunately there are (and always have been) a variety of meal replacements. These will keep you on your feet and going until you find “real” food.

Jesse Mathewson and The Survivalist Blog examined a number of common Meal Replacements. Check and see if these will work for you and your family. While critical in a survival situation, they also have their place in everyday ordinary life.

Tasty Meal Replacements

“Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside.”

– Mark Twain


As the name implies, this food is rather hard. But it lasts and lasts. It has evolved a bit over the years into a variety of cookies, and biscuits. All it takes is flour, salt, and water. And maybe a little more water or coffee to make it edible.


Honey never goes bad unless the ants get at it. It is full of energy and has antibiotic health properties.

Dried Fruits

Fresh fruit cannot be beat. However, it does not last that long. To keep it long-term, dry it out.

Dried or Smoked Meats and Fish

As with fruits, drying and/or smoking will keep meats lasting for months. This is very handy for protein on long journeys. And it saves energy that would otherwise be spent hunting down fresh meat.


Meals ready to eat are a staple for soldiers. Originally little more than a can of Spam and some cigarettes, they have evolved slightly. While not the best tasting, they do provide energy when needed.


Photo by Beach Packing Design.

Coast Guard Survival Rations

A cross between granola and a protein bar, these last nearly forever and do not induce thirst – which is great at sea or on the bug out trail.

The Survival Tabs™

Like something Buck Rogers would eat in the 25th century, these little tablets pack a nutritious punch. They recommend eating one per hour for a good boost. They combine energy with small size and low weight – great addition to the BOB.

For the long term, Matthewson recommends a variety of goods, from Mountain House and other suppliers. In this case, don’t forget that canned goods work well also. And do remember what Twain said – pack the kinds of foods you like best. That way you will survive happily.  


Photo by Sunny Side Up Blog.

There are many, many different food replacements out there. People have been drying them out and wrapping them up for thousands of years. You can probably add to or double this list.

Whatever you pack and keep, just make sure you have something. Keep the pantry, the car, and the BOB well stocked for when it counts. Keep good food and the food will keep you.

Related: This is what 2 weeks worth of survival food looks like!

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