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5 Preps Survivalists May Not Have Considered Before (But Should)


Preppers, by nature, concentrate on the big items. They stockpile water, food, ammunition, medical supplies, etc. Those things are very important. However, sometimes the little things are critical too. In your preps make sure you don’t overlook less common supplies.

The Diehard Survivor posted a list of Five Preps You May Not Have Considered. Please double check and make sure you don’t forget these often overlooked materials. If you don’t have these items, pick them up as soon as you can. They just might be necessary when survival time comes.

Five Preps You Should Consider

Aluminum Foil. Foil, of course, makes an ideal wrap for food and non-food items alike. It is also useful for actual cooking. A heated rock, inside foil, makes a good sleeping bag warmer. Some people even say aluminum foil makes a fashionable hat.

Photo by Reynolds.

Sporks. Neal Boortz used to hate sporks with a passion. Mention of one was a good way to get kicked off his show. However sporks and other disposable utensils will be worth their weight in plastic in a SHTF scenario. Plates and silver-wear must be washed. Use paper and plastic to conserve water.

Laundry Supplies. If the power goes down, you will still have to clean your clothes. Keep adequate supplies of detergent or soap on hand. And don’t forget these Alternative Laundry Methods – courtesy of Freedom Prepper.

A Cooking Grate. Cooking over a fire may be necessary for your family’s survival. You can use a forked stick if you have to. However a metal grill or grate is much cleaner and more convenient. It also won’t burn up in the fire.

Sanitation Items. Even in the woods it is nice to have toilet paper. Also don’t forget to have extra rags, paper towels, napkins, feminine items, and cleaning supplies. If you have small children, keep extra diapers too.

Photo by handprinter.

Add these five items to your plans, your bug out bag and/or your retreat location. It’s always better to have the essentials when needed than the alternative.

There are so many different reasons to prepare. Similarly, there are many, many different items to consider in your plans. Don’t forget the small stuff. Don’t sweat it but don’t forget it.

Perrin Lovett writes about freedom, firearms, and cigars (and everything else) at He is none too fond of government meddling.

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