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5 Things Boys can do to help with Prepping

5 Things Boys can do to help with Prepping

I have a teen boy that seems to have endless energy.
Here are 5 things that they can do to use that energy and contribute to the family’s preps.


Chopping Wood

We heat with wood. This last summer we went into the woods and chopped trees down. Talk about bonding.
Every boy should know how to swing an ax and how to sharpen an ax. Ax safety in general.


Stacking Wood
wood tower

If you grow up in this house you will learn the correct way to stack wood towers. These help keep the rows from shifting.


Fire Building

Because you never know if you might get lost in the woods and need to stay warm.
It is a good skill to have. They need to find tinder, kindling, and wood. Do they know how to build it so it burns well?


Digging a Latrine

Know the best location. Do thy know it needs to be far from your water source?
What materials they will need? How do you best ventilate it?



In a SHTF scenario everybody will be going hunting.
The boys could be scouting to know what game is available locally.
Learning how to hunt, fish, and trap effectively. Take it a step further and learn how to preserve the meat without electricity. You will be everybody’s friend if you can feed them.


There are many things boys can do to help the family with their prepping. What would you add?


photo credit: Hindrik S via photopin cc

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