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Our children are our pride and our most precious resource. Protecting them is our paramount charge as parents. This includes when they are outside of our direct control. At school or in transit to or from school they still face risks.

Jane at Mom With A Prep posted a list of Survival Pack Items For Kids. At home, at school, anywhere, the children need equipment to survive. Read it and make sure your children are covered and protected.

Photo by Newsela.

Jane lists some common emergency situation children face:

School lock-down
Local Weather Emergency
Regional Emergency
Bus accident
Being stranded in route to or from school.

The schools and others cannot always help. It’s up to you and your kids to be ready.

First, children need a small bug out bag or survival kit. It should be large enough to hold supplies but small enough to carry and stuff in a locker.

Include These Items In The Kit:

Water bottle
Snack bars
Mini flashlight
Cell phone
First aid kit
Emergency Blanket
Necessary meds and health
A simple toy
Photos of the family

Place these in a small box or ziplock bag.

Talk with younger children and make sure they understand what they possible face. And make sure they know when and where to take action. Prep them to prep themselves. Talk to them; don’t scare them.

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Photo by YouTube.

We know emergency can strike at any time and in any place. It can hit your kids when you’re not there to help. So, help them to help themselves.

Build a little survival kit with them. Get them involved in the process. Make it fun even while you instill a serious lesson. Help them now and they will thank you later.

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