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Children are a blessing and one of the most important reasons to be prepared. Whitney Houston had it right: “I believe the children are our are future. Teach them well and let them lead the way.” As part of that teaching we should help our kids learn to take care of themselves, to be self-sufficient.

The Diehard Survivor presented a list of Fifteen Survival Skills to Teach Children. These will be critical after the SHTF or in many emergency situations. Please look over that original and all the great tips at Diehard.

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Fifteen Critical Skills For Children

  1. Foraging skills. Teach the young to identify and procure edible plants in the wild.
  2. Fire. Building and safely maintaining a campfire is an essential skill.
  3. Proper Knife Usage. A good blade is the survival tool.
  4. Hunting and Fishing Skills. To include firearms safety and conservation.
  5. Cleaning Game and Fish.
  6. Finding Water.
  7. Treating the Water. Teach them to sanitize water for drinking and cooking.
  8. First Aid. Everyone should know basic first aid. Also teach them to keep medical supplies on hand before they are needed.
  9. Shelter Building. There are many ways to keep the elements at bay.
  10. Hiding Skills. Sometimes it is necessary and wise to remain quiet and out of sight.
  11. Sewing. Everyone should know how to mend basic items. Teaching more advanced skills is a plus.
  12. Map and Compass. GPS and smartphones may not always be available. By understanding basic directions one will never be truly lost.
  13. Tree Climbing. Most kids excel at this one. Show them how to escape dangerous animals, to scout, and to hunt from elevation.
  14. Self Defense. In addition to hiding, children should be taught more active defensive techniques – armed and unarmed.
  15. Responsibility and situational awareness.

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Teaching your children survival skills is important for its own sake. It shows them the importance of self-sufficiency and reliance. It also provides an excellent opportunity for bonding. Some of these tips are appropriate for children of all ages. As they get older, teach them more advanced skills.

In an emergency situation everyone will benefit if everyone is able to contribute to the cause. Being part of the planning and action will also give children something to do; it will combat boredom. And these are skills that will serve them for a lifetime.

Consider starting these lessons as soon as possible. When something bad happens you will be happy knowing your kids can handle it. They will thank you for it.

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