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Fire is always our friend. And that’s especially true in an emergency. And it is really, really important when the emergency strands you in the woods far from home. Fire provides warmth, light, the ability to cook, and safety.

Starting a fire, efficiently, out in the wild is not always that easy. Those survival masters at Diehard Survivor offer excellent insight into the Art of the Outdoor Flame. Please watch this video:

Survival Fire Hacks

Video by Mr. Gear / YouTube.

The Candle And Cone Approach


Break up some candles into small pieces. Next melt them together on the stove. This produces liquid wax. Coat a pinecone in the liquified wax. Use the coated cone as a starter in the rough. It burns hot and bright.


The Crayon Burn


Steal some crayons from your children (they’ll never know…). When lit, they burn like mini-candles. And they make a great fire starter.


Cotton Pad Torches


Dip some cotton pads in that liquid wax you melted. This is just like the cone option, minus the cone.


More Fire Tips From Freedom Prepper:

The 14-Hour Self-Feeding Fire!

Follow these easy tips and you will quickly and easily light a fire just about anywhere. These methods are essentially the same as using commercial starters but are produced from items around the house.

All you have to do is gather firewood and slowly build up the blaze. Remember to start with smaller twigs, barks, and other easily inflamed material. Then add larger pieces. Soon the fire virtually runs itself.

A fire while bugged out may mean more than comfortable survival. It just might keep you alive. Thanks to the Diehard Survivors for this hot information. Burn, baby, burn.

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