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CHEAP Dollar Tree Medical Supplies – Prepping Low on Cash


Everyone is on a budget. Some are bigger than others, but everyone has one. In today’s economy financial constraints make prepping expensive and a little difficult. However being prepared doesn’t have to mean paying a fortune.

The Survivalist Blog posted a terrific Video Guide to Shopping at the Dollar Tree store to stretch the budget. Please have a look at both the video and their awesome site. And we can than The Patriot Nurse for these excellent ideas. This shopping trip is specifically focused on cheap (but quality) medical supplies.

Dollar Tree Prepping (VIDEO)

Video by The Patriot Nurse / YouTube.

The Prepper’s Shopping Trip

Photo by The Patriot Nurse.

First, locate the store nearest to you. There’s one on every corner seemingly.

Photo by The Patriot Nurse.

Scour the store for the medical supplies you need. Many of the items offered are the exact same brands available for more money at drug and grocery stores. Why spend more?

Photo by The Patriot Nurse.

Advil. Tylenol. All the name brands.

Photo by The Patriot Nurse.

The Dollar Tree has masks, bandages, and complete first aid kits – all for a dollar each.

Photo by The Patriot Nurse.

And they sell plenty of containers to hold all of your supplies.

Being a a tight budget doesn’t mean you cannot prep. Just about every town and city in America has a Dollar Tree or other similar, low-cost store. Make use of this fantastic resource to make the most of your prepping dollars.

You can buy more than just medicals supplies too. Dollar stores sell everything from food and cleaning supplies to clothing and toys for the kids. And, don’t forget to Save Those Plastic Bags!

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