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Survival Strategies That Could End Badly

A bad strategy can be as bad or worse than no strategy. Think about a football game. If passing up the middle is your only play call and if it doesn’t work, you’re in trouble, coach. And couple that with no defense and poor executing special team coverage and you’re doomed. A forfeiture accomplishes the same thing minus the humiliation.

So it is with all things. So it is with prepping. Being prepared for whatever comes along is admirable. Most people are not. Still there are prepping plans to avoid.

Rich M. over at Off The Grid News put together a list of Six Bad Prepping Strategies To Avoid. Some of this is pure common sense. Some uncommon. Some of these things can get you killed.

Plan of a football game

Photo by Security Intelligence.

Six Prepping Strategies To Avoid

One. The “Lone Wolf” Approach

First of all Prepping is hard work. Survival in a SHTF scenario is even harder. It makes sense to spread the workload over a group if that is possible.

I once read where the lone wolf approach was called “Batman in the boondocks” – a tough guy going it all alone with a knife in the woods. That makes sense if you happen to be Batman. Maybe it would work if you’re a Seal or Recon or something. Most people are not. And Batman will be hindered if he’s supporting or carrying a group.

A far better idea is to develop a trusted team. Divide the tasks and chores among the members so as to lighten the load on any one individual. And there is safety in numbers. And there’s also ease of operation and increased chance for survival.

Two. Living Off The Land

This strategy was possible and worked well in times gone by. However today there are over 300 million people living in the lower forty-eight. That is a lot of competition for land, resources, food, and security. Batman rapidly discovers he’s not alone out in the boondocks.

Living off the land is still possible in very remote locations. It works in places that are sparsely populated. However, by definition, that means places where most people are not. Most Americans live in cities these days. And getting from Atlanta to the backwoods of West Virginia or Maine, in a crisis, is harder than one might think.

A better alternative is to hunker down or shelter in place. Bug in, fortify the home, rather than bugging out into an uncertain world.

Three. Not Having A Bug Out Plan

It is usually preferable to just stay put. You can ride out the storm at home in most cases. That was the major point of the above tip. However, one finds it necessary to flee the familiar.

In that case, you had better have a plan. You must consider how to move your family safely away from the disaster. This means having adequate transportation and supplies. This alternative must be thought out in advance. And it means knowing where you are going. Driving to the forest and hiding works for the very short term. In a longer term or permanent situation you must have a more permanent solution.

Four. No Bug Out Location

Knowing where you’re going to go means having a place to go. Ideally this would be a retreat home in rural parts that you own and fully control. However, that isn’t possible for many people. There are alternatives: a friend’s cabin, a family farm, state parks or campgrounds, etc.

In fact, it is advisable to have one or more backup locations. That way, if one is cut off or in worse shape than your primary home, you still have somewhere else to go.

Don’t forget that you may be able to take your bug out retreat with you:

Five Off Grid Campers From Freedom Prepper

Five. Don’t Wait Too Long To Bug Out

Time is of the essence. This is true in business and real estate. It’s also very important for prepping.

Maintain constant and heightened awareness. It’s time to leave when things appear to be going from bad to worse. Don’t wait until it gets really bad. That may be a little too late. Remember that you will have to travel to safety. You’re escaping something. Do not wait until the mob is literally at your door or torching your house.

Err on the side of caution. Make the decision to leave and leave rapidly.

Six. Including the Wrong People

Going it alone isn’t wise. A team makes for easier and better survival. That is, unless the team is made of the wrong kinds of people. People to avoid are people who will not contribute to the effort. Worse people are those who will endanger the group.

Two things to concentrate on are: member personalities and skills sets. It is wise to make sure that everyone is likely to get along. It’s also advisable to make sure every member has something to contribute. And some skills are more important than others. For example, when escaping a war, a trauma surgeon might come in more handy than a glass-blower.

Whatever you do, avoid lazy, dangerous, and quarrelsome individuals. And make sure the people you pick are actually prepared – both in terms of equipment and mindset.

This guy has a plan. Photo by Zero Hedge.

Nothing in the world is certain. A disaster or emergency will test even the best plans. If anything is close to certain, it is that failure to plan leads to greater disaster. A bad plan is worse than none at all.

Follow these suggestions when you devise your strategy. Survival is about making choices and weighing options. Put some serious thought into your plans. Your life may depend on it.

Perrin Lovett writes about freedom, firearms, and cigars (and everything else) at He is none too fond of government meddling.

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