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Check Out The Awesome Survival Kit For Bush Pilots


Few people are as rugged as bush pilots. Their job means flying into danger everyday with no certainty in anything. There is always the chance that they will be stranded in a remote wilderness. And they only have themselves to count on.

We can learn something from these brave men. Mike Waldron wrote a quick piece at the Hi Consumption site about a Survival Kit for Bush Pilots. This is actually something you can purchase. Read on:


Photo by Skinner.

The Bush Pilot’s Survival Kit

These kits are a necessary tool for the men who use them. And they are centered around a Chiappa lever-action rifle. Skinner Sights assembles and sells the package.


Photo by Skinner.

The Chiappa is a .44 Magnum, takedown model. This makes for easy storage in the kit. The gun itself weighs 5.5 pounds with a 16 inch barrel. And it features a 6+1 capacity.

The kit also includes a The kit also includes a carbon steel survival knife, matches, a magnesium fire starter, a cooking stove, a tube tent, compass, and 50 feet of paracord.

Best of all, you can buy the kit from Skinner Sites for around $1,800.00.

I suppose this comes in handy even if you’re not in the wilds of Alaska. Heck, it seems like a pretty good BOB to me. And, with a little sourcing, you can build your own version from scratch.

However, it’s nice that Skinner offers a complete package. Consider one before you make your next trek into the great unknown.

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