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Survive The Zombie Apocalypse – Or Anything Else

The zombies are coming! Maybe it’s the night of the living dead. And believe it or not, both the CDC and the military have plans in place for dealing with a zombie outbreak. And if they’re taking it serious, maybe we should too.

Now, I’ll admit the odds of half-dead, brain-eating cannibals roaming the streets are pretty slim. At least I hope so. Still, I think what the government is getting at it that this kind of apocalypse is a metaphor for something real that happens to be really bad. Hence, it’s a worst case scenario prep.

And the Survival Mom (Lisa Bedford) has us covered. Fortunately, she has a great, in-depth article on Zombie Survival. Remember, if you can get ready for the impossible and the crazy, the riots, storms, and martial law will be a piece of cake.

Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse


Photo by We Know Your Dreams.

Lisa starts with an excellent point. Obviously there are times when we cannot count on the government to save us. By the way, their end-game for the zombies (and us) is a thermonuclear bomb… Yeah.

Then Lisa points to the survival lessons of the TV show The Walking Dead (TWD). Consequently that’s another one of the 1,000 shows I’m supposed to watch but don’t. And I hear it involves living (or trying to) in the aftermath of a zombie epidemic.

Additionally Lisa says the show focuses more on how people interact with each other than with the undead.
Also she tracks TWD from ground zero, focusing on how people behave in their strange new world.

Lessons From The Walking Dead

First, there must be a lot of moving, bugging out, and hunkering down – anything to avoid having one’s brain eaten. And Lisa says an important lesson from TWD is the survival at all costs mindset. Seems like that’s handy in any situation.

Second, the show covers how and when to ration. And what to ration. At the end of the world, resources would be rather scarce. They’re kind of scarce anyway. So it all makes sense.

Third, there are also times to binge. And this has nothing to do with supermodels or Romans. There are times when you can’t carry it with you, so you have to consume what you can first. Readers will recall Sam and Frodo’s desperate trek towards Mount Doom, “binging” at every waterhole they came across. Importantly, take advantage of what you find out there. Be prepared and use your head.

TWD, says Lisa, also discusses and shows how to scavenge for goods. All of the stores and factories are permanently out of order. Thus survivors have to make do with what they can come by.

Initially, you think about immediate survival. Then you can build for tomorrow, planning as you go in the most strategic manner the hordes of zombies allow. In short, people are forced to learn how to prioritize.


Photo by Fox / BGR.

Another really big issue Lisa gets into is dealing with other people. Sometimes the TWD gang meets friends and sometimes they encounter enemies. And all of this is powerful development of situational awareness. It forces them to trust to instincts and keenly observe others’ behavior and hidden agendas. And this is wise counsel for anyone, anytime.

Next, a zombie breakdown means no power, no order, and no communication. People are forced to obtain information any way they can. People must learn what is reliable and what is not. And they must learn to develop the news for themselves via their own observations.

Finally, there’s dealing with the trauma of the world gone to hell. Lisa directly confronts the subject of PTSD. This is a real condition that affects people when their brains have had too much evil. Obviously in the show, really bad things happen all the time. But real life is like that. And one must learn to cope or be consumed.

After SHTF one will need to look after one’s mental health. Consequently, it is every bit as important as water or food. Go crazy and you’re a threat to yourself and to those around you. Also, be on the lookout for critical stress in others.


If it happens, it won’t be all fun and games. Photo by Plants vs. Zombies Game.

This Isn’t Real Or Is It?

We don’t need legions of brain-dead, brain-eaters out to kill and consume us in order to build on Lisa’s good concepts. Any disaster, even a person problem, can literally throw one into a state of chaos similar to that of TWD. Mot of all, you must learn to handle it and to survive.

Come to think of it, everywhere I go these days I do see zombies. Specifically, I see people shuffling around, heads down over their phones. That or they’re out searching for the Pokemon. And they have the countenance of zombies. Errie. Maybe we had better watch out.

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Perrin Lovett writes about freedom, firearms, and cigars (and everything else) at He is none too fond of government meddling.

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