Surviving Riots and Civil Unrest in Your Area

Surviving Riots and Civil Unrest in Your Area 

It – the insanity of 2020 – is probably coming to your area, sooner or later, ready or not. So, why not be ready for the inevitable?

You can sit there and watch CNN or FOX all you want, taking in the mayhem in LA, New York, Portland, and elsewhere. But, then, what happens when you look up and out the window and see the violence on your street? In your yard? Coming through your door? You’d better have a plan.

To that worthy end, Mr. Bone and Bone Tactical have a video you need to watch! 

Have a Seat, Class is In

(Mr. Bone.)

Live from Honduras(!), it’s a lesson you need to hear. It’s one thing to watch this stuff unfold on television and play armchair general; it’s another to pick the brain of someone who has lived it. Pay attention!

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This segment is not about taking it down another notch. Rather, it’s about knowing how to defend yourself in a riot and from a mob. It is about violence, though perhaps not of the bullet-firing variety. Still, again, this is about using violence; pretend we are well past the time for avoidance or negotiation.

So, how do you make it out alive? It is simple if the methodology is a little unpleasant sounding to more genteel ears.

This is advice from someone who’s been in the sh!t before – in prisons, riots, and civil wars. It was up to him, then, and it’s up to you now. Don’t assume these guys will be there for you:

(Free Pic from Canva).

You’ve Heard This Before

Use common sense, as always. It’s the same now, but the stakes are much higher. Mr. Bone has a plan he calls, “Match the Hatch.” That is the coupling of “ordinary” situational awareness and the application of the old grey man principle.

First, you have to pay attention to the surroundings and the people on the street. It pays to know what’s going on politically, criminally, and in other ways in the particular location where you find yourself. Then, it is paramount to do what you can to fit in or blend in. If it can be avoided, don’t say, wear, or do anything that could be used against you.

You want to, you must match the look, the feel, and the emotion of the action unfolding around you. He uses the great example of BLM, and thank goodness he calls them what they are. They are not people you need to bother reasoning with. Don’t argue and don’t stand out against terrorists masquerading as civil rights protesters. This is not a protest lesson, it’s about RIOTS.

This could be you:


Legacy Food Storage

Times have changed – for the worse, and you must adapt to survive

When you’re in it, you need to drop the politics (at least yours) and mimic what the mob is into. Add “fitting in” to fight, flight, freeze routine for surviving dangerous events. If they’re chanting, you might want to join them, even as you slide towards the exit. If they wear purple, there might be a reason for that. Et cetera!

Bone relates his personal experience with surviving such trauma the intelligent way. You may be studied by the mob. They’re reading you and sizing you up. Be ready. Fit in, as needed, but do not look like an easy target. Present a deterrent, but try not to extend an invitation to be attacked. Look crazy if necessary. It would pay to understand hand to hand combat if needed. If that’s new to you, then keep it simple and combat-oriented. Remember you are outnumbered. Be prepared to strike first. And, second. Third. Etc. Hit hard. Do damage. This is with your fists or with any weapon you have. 

This video contains some hard truth about certain “sensitive” matters – like race – and not what the media tells us. Part of your education needs to serve to break any preconceived notions you might have about justice, sides, and victimhood. Assume that, whoever “they” are, they are out to get you.

Be ready. Armed or not.

There is a game element to fighting numbers. Bone covers that in quick but excellent detail. Hurt them. Always beware of what the others are doing, and where they are, as you deal with the initial threat. Move immediately to the second. As they see their numbers diminish, they will think about abandoning this now costly attack on you. That’s your chance to exit. Use it.

This is a fight you want to win:


It’s a fight you have to win. Remember that a hard target is not that attractive to a soft or undetermined adversary. (Now would be a great time to read some Sun Tzu!) Beat them mercilessly until they give it up. They reconsider and move on, and you make your getaway.

We’re not talking about “normal” anymore – erase that term from your mind – or else. This could easily be a fight for your life, and even the lives of the ones you care about.

How Bad Will It Get?


We’re not THERE, just yet… The riots are general mayhem are enough. Don’t be there. But, if you are, make sure you’re the one that walks away.

Watch the Video:

Bone Tactical/YouTube.

Consult the “Bad to the” Bone Channel for more information and expertise. 100K+ subscribers cannot be wrong, right? This is prepper defense (and more) with a cool factor. (The man smokes cigars! Enough said). Sign up and join the fun.

Also, take a look at Bone Tactical, the website.

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