Surviving the Winter as a Prepper

Surviving the Winter as a Prepper

Winter 2021-22 will officially start this coming week! For many of us, the cold will come in advance. So, while we still have time, we need to learn and prepare now so we’ll be ready when the mercury dips and the days grow short.

The impressive Canadian Prepper made a fine presentation on general winter preparedness. This one is geared towards surviving outdoors in the cold and snow. If you’re a suburbanite, then turn up the heat. Those who live in a country cabin likely already know how to stay warm and thrive. However, any and all of us can and will benefit from this quick, fifteen-minute show. 


It’s Time!

(All pics from CP video).

As the name suggests, the Canadian Prepper hails from … Aruba, of sunny beaches and ocean breezes. No, wait. It’s in Canada. Canada – a land that rumor has it exists to the north of the continental US. Thus, it is somewhat colder than most of America, an ideal place to explore the ways of winter.

Not Florida

Staying Warm

No, it’s not the tropics. As CP notes, summer is the more ideal time to survive outdoors. That’s naturally because, during the warmer months, one does not have to fight the cold in order to survive. But, as he points out, there are advantages to winter prepping.

The season gives you a test of sorts, a time to exercise all that you know. For instance, you have the opportunity – and the motivation – to build a fire. 

In addition to fire, one can also eat for heat. This is called thermogenesis, wherein increased calorie consumption drives the body to produce more natural heat.

Clothes Make The Prepper

Winter is the time to don a coat. But there is also the important concept of layering. It all starts with the base layer, underwear. 

In the olden days, that meant wool, which still has multiple uses and places. Today, however, we have modern options, microfibers, and so forth. With many things, it pays to pay a little more for quality. 

This isn’t about fashion. It’s about functionality and staying warm. You’ll get many tips about clothing and other gear items, like:




That fella looks serious!



Transportation, and


Winter is a beautiful time, but it is also a potentially dangerous time. When the weather essentially has the world asleep, your survival senses must be awake and fully operational. CP’s expertise will help. So, please now, 

Watch the Video:

Canadian Prepper / YouTube.

This is an omnibus winter video and a great one. There are many more links in the description! Check those for more winter survival information and fun.

Also, while you’re on YouTube, please visit the CP Channel! Sign up for the best videos on everything preparedness!

And, don’t overlook The Website. They even have a hotline for your questions! Those, some of them, Freedom Prepper will address as our winter series 2020 rolls on. See you soon!

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