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    DIY Projects

    Make Your Own Waterproof Survival Kit

    Gear is important for survival. All preppers know that. And almost all of us have a bug out bag or a “go”...

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    Bug Out Bag

    Don’t Leave These 15 Uncommon Items Out of Your Bug Out Bag

    I’d like to think that everyone regularly reading this site has a stocked bug out bag. I’m sure you do. And you...

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    Bug Out

    Evacuation Mistakes You Must Avoid

    Bugging out is an important strategy for surviving a major event. However, it is very important to do it the right way....

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    Bug Out

    Keep These Things Handy in Case of Evacuation

    Every prepper understands the importance of the bug out bag and supplies in the car. In the event things go south, a...

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    Survival Gear

    10 Important Supplies to Always Have Nearby

    There is a lot to prepping On the one hand, the concept is simple: be prepared for what might happen. That makes...

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    Bug Out Bag

    Save Space in Your Bug Out Bag by Packing these 10 Multipurpose Items

    The Bug Out Bag is an essential item for every prepper. Also essential, and critical, are the items one places inside the...

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    Survival Gear

    Your Student Needs to be Prepared for an Emergency, Here’s What Gear they Need

    This summer saw an extremely high amount of terrorist activity, day after day in some cases. Europe and America were rocked: Paris,...

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    Survival Skills

    25 Survival Hygiene Items You Need in Your Bugout Bag

    They say that cleanliness is next to Godliness. This is important even if you have to bug out and leave the modern...

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    Disaster Planning

    Use this Emergency Evacuation Checklist to Ensure You’re able to Leave in Less than 10 Minutes

    “Bugging out” or “getting out of Dodge” is one of the primary reason so many Americans have become preppers. Whether it’s a...

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    Bug Out Bag

    10 Food Ideas for Your Bug Out Bag – Prepper Dome

        G.O.R.P – 130 Calories per ounce G.O.R.P – If you don’t know stands for Good old raisins and Peanuts and...

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    Bug Out Location

    Avoid these 4 Mistakes When Picking Your Bug Out Location, Number 2 is the Most Popular with People

    When it comes to bugging out, one very important decision that you must make is where you will be heading. It’s one...

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    Bug Out Vehicle

    If Your BOV is a Truck then You’ll Definitely Want to Add this to it

    Having a bug out vehicle can be vital to your survival if you find it necessary to get the hell out of...

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    Bug Out

    How To Sleep Better At Night When The “Zombies” Are On The Move.

    When building your bug out bag one thing that is often over looked is perimeter security. You can have enough food, water...

  • Bug Out

    How to Make a Bug Out Bag for Extended Stays

    People are taking bugging out more serious these days, and the more we look into things the longer our bug out trips...

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    Bug Out

    Can You Build a Bug Out Bag for Less than $200?

    When I set out to build my first bug out bag, I never really added everything up to see how much it...

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    Bug Out

    3 Things That Might Save Your Life Before Bugging Out

    When it comes to discussing survival, preparedness or any SHTF scenario, the first thing everyone jumps to is bugging out. However, if...

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