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    Concealed Carry

    When Do You Tell The Police You Carry Concealed?

    Coast to coast, more Americans are carrying firearms than ever. That’s a good thing as crime rates are rising and the Salafists...

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    Concealed Carry

    Elderly Gun Owner Teaches Would-Be Robber A Lesson

    It’s never really a pleasant thing when someone gets shot. Then again, it isn’t at all nice or pleasant to go around...

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    Concealed Carry Laws

    Top Five Tips for Drivers who Conceal Carry and Interact with Police Officers

    Nobody likes a stop by the police. We all get the same initial discomfort when the blue lights are meant for us....

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    Guns & Weapons

    Follow these 10 Tips if You Plan on Carrying a Gun

    More Americans now own and carry firearms than ever before. If you plan to join the ranks of the armed citizenry, there...

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    Active Shooter

    Did You Hear Who Stopped this Hostage Situation at a Gas Station in Tennessee?

    It wasn’t the police. It sure as heck wasn’t a social justice warrior or any “well wishing” gun controller. It was a...

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    Concealed Carry

    What Does the New “Normal of Violence” Mean for You?

    In the aftermath of seemingly endless daily shootings, what is a person to do? Carry your gun. The responsibility to protect your...

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    Guns & Weapons

    Michigan Gas Station Offers a Discount if You Bring This Item with You in their Store

    We need more business owners like the one at this gas station in Michigan. This guy has been robbed twice in the...

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    Guns & Weapons

    This Sheriff Says He Will Wave Your CCW Fees in Wake of the Orlando Attack

    How would you like to walk into your local Sheriff’s office to turn in your CCW application, whip our your wallet, and...

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    Concealed Carry

    Federal Court has Declared 2nd Amendment Does Not Cover the Right to Conceal Carry

    Everything seems to start in the west, in particular California. In this case, it’s the western most states in the United States....

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    Concealed Carry

    Louisiana is Having Budget Issues So Bad They Can’t Process Your Permit Applications

    Imagine going to your local sheriff’s department to submit your CCW application and being turned away, and the reason being that the...

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    Guns & Weapons

    West Virginia Joins the Ranks of the Growing Number of Permitless Carry States

    Permitless carry, those are 2 words that I never get tired of hearing together. West Virginia just took a stand and said,...

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    Concealed Carry

    CCW Holder and His Glock Hold Burgler at Gunpoint Until Police Arrive

    FRESNO, CALIFORNIA — A pocket-carrying homeowner took matters into his own hands when he saw someone walking around inside his home as...

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    Concealed Carry

    If This Happened to You Would You Draw Your Weapon?

    MURRAY, UTAH — A heated argument at a McDonald’s drive-thru almost turned deadly when a man pulled a gun on the staff....

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    Concealed Carry

    Here are the 3 Times You Should Take that Round Out of the Chamber

    There is a carry argument between those of us that carry with a round in the chamber and the ones who have...

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    Active Shooter

    2 Things You MUST Do to Better Your Odds of Surviving an Active Shooter Situation

    Unfortunately the need for additional active shooter situation training is on the rise. Between the threat of terrorism on our soil and...

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    Guns & Weapons

    What Til You See Why This 90 Year Old Pulled His Weapon for the First Time in His Life

    How many times a day do you hear a good story about a ccw carrier or someone pulling a weapon during a...

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    Concealed Carry

    This is the Proper Thing to do When You’re Pulled Over as a CCW Carrier

    I’m sure this is something that has crossed the minds of everyone that carries a firearm in the car. What do you...

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