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    Preparedness & Survival

    How to Sharpen Knives, Post-Collapse

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    Prepper News

    Signs of Another Stock Market Crash Increasing

    Financial markets are not the total representation of the whole economy. However, they are a really, really close approximation. Certain signals, trends,...

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    A 52-Week Savings Plan

    Money doesn’t grow on trees. And sometimes it seems like it is nearly impossible to save money. However, there are easy tricks...

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    Bug Out

    (Video) Urban Survival Concepts Every Prepper Should Learn Before the Grid Goes Down

    Today more Americans than ever live in large cities. This presents everyday problems like traffic, crime, and pollution. However, in an emergency,...

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    Follow This Guide To Survive Civil Unrest – At Home, On The Road, Anywhere

    If one watches the news to any degree these days, one might get the idea that America is a seething cauldron of...

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    Guns & Weapons

    There’s a Massive Run on Firearms Coming, Bigger than Anything We’ve Ever Seen, According to James Rawles

    The great American Gun Run! That sounds like a 5K for preppers. Speaking of great, Barack Hussein Obama is the world’s greatest...

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    10 Survival Tactics You Need to Know if Martial Law Gets Declared

    Admit it: you worry about martial law. Just about everyone in the preparedness movement does. At best, martial law means the total...

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    A Complete Collapse of Everything to Overturn the Entire System Has Started, Here’s What to Expect

    It’s not secret the system has been collapsing for awhile now. The economy, our schools, healthcare, all of it has been on...

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    Prepper News

    5 Reactions to Give to Those that Question You as a Prepper

    How many times do people question your sanity when they realize you’re a prepper? They say “oh, you’re one of those huh?”,...

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    Bug Out

    10 Mistakes You Might Have Made with Your Bug Out Bag

    Call it what you want, bug out bag, 72 hour kit, get out of dodge bag, what ever you call it, it...

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    Medical Care

    Preparing to Survive with a Chronic Disease After a Crisis

    No matter how prepared you are there will come a time where something hits the fan and you find yourself questioning your...

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