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    A High-Speed Tutorial on Concealed Carry – How to do it and Why

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    Concealed Carry

    Get Ready for Nationwide Concealed Carry

    Concealed carry is a great thing. But it can also be a bit of a headache for travelers. Prior to starting many...

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    Concealed Carry

    When Do You Tell The Police You Carry Concealed?

    Coast to coast, more Americans are carrying firearms than ever. That’s a good thing as crime rates are rising and the Salafists...

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    Concealed Carry

    Concealed Carry With Comfort And Ease

    Concealed carry is a right, a duty sometimes, and needed for a great variety of reasons. Being able to defend oneself brings...

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    Concealed Carry

    Strong Video Defense For Carrying A Weapon

    Most watched the recent Charlotte riots on television or the internet. It was a series of examples of what not to do...

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    Guns & Weapons

    Most Comfortable Handguns on the Market

    Everyone has a favorite handgun. For some it’s the sure fire action of a revolver. Some appreciate the simplistic reliability of the...

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    Concealed Carry

    How to Carry Your Firearm; AIWB or Not?

    Appendix inside the waistband, or AIWB, carry is gaining popularity for a number of reasons today. Many people find it is a...

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    Self Defense

    Two Heroes Save Woman and Baby from Attack

    America has a thug problem. Additionally we also have a problem with men who don’t stand up and don’t take action. The...

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    Guns & Weapons

    Weapons to Consider Adding to Your Arsenal

    It happened again Monday night. During the presidential debate Hillary Clinton made ubiquitous reference to the dreaded “assault” rifle. Just because a...

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    Prepper’s Armed Defense (BOOK)

    Defense and martial capability in times of crisis are as important as water, food and shelter. This is something every prepper must...

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    Prepper News

    Meet Jason Falconer: Hero Of The Crossroads Mall Terror Attack

    A few days ago we at Freedom Prepper asked: Is America a Soft Target For Terrorists? Sadly, the events of this past...

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    Guns & Weapons

    Would Be Car Jacker thinks this Woman is Going to Make an Easy Target…He Was Wrong

    Sometimes people make really stupid mistakes. For instance, trying to rob or carjack someone is a mistake. Robbery is wrong. That’s why...

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    Guns & Weapons

    Follow these 10 Tips if You Plan on Carrying a Gun

    More Americans now own and carry firearms than ever before. If you plan to join the ranks of the armed citizenry, there...

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    Active Shooter

    Did You Hear Who Stopped this Hostage Situation at a Gas Station in Tennessee?

    It wasn’t the police. It sure as heck wasn’t a social justice warrior or any “well wishing” gun controller. It was a...

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    Concealed Carry

    Avoid These 10 Things While You’re Carrying Concealed

    Carrying concealed is one of the best ways to always be prepared for the unknown. It won’t get you out of every...

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    Concealed Carry

    3 Drawbacks to Carrying a Concealed Weapon

    Something I’m sure you don’t hear much about concealed carrying, is that there are actual drawbacks to carrying a weapon. I will...

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