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    DIY Projects

    The Amazing $5 DIY Rocket Stove That Works

    Preppers always value alternative heating and cooking solutions. Today we look at an amazing little stove that you can easily build for...

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    Food Preparation & Storage

    Learn These Five SHTF Cooking Methods

    Cooking has changed in our modern times. And, for most of us and most of the time, it’s been a change for...

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    Food Preparation & Storage

    Make Your Own Soda Can Stove For Emergency Cooking

    After it hits the fan you still have to eat. Getting and keeping food is one thing. Then there’s cooking it. The...

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    Survival Skills

    8 Ways to Cook Your Food when the Grid Goes Down

    If you’ve relied on indoor cooking your entire life and never tried to cook over an open fire, you may be in...

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