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Featured2 months ago

How to Have Potable Water Anywhere

Water is an essential source of life for everyone, and we cannot live without it, even if we try. Unfortunately,...

Featured2 months ago

How to Grow Your Own Organic Garden Even in Small Spaces

All of us at some time or another have wished to grow fruits and vegetables and eat those fresh homegrown...

Featured2 months ago

What You Need to Know About Acid Burns

Acid burns, also known as caustic burns, happen when the skin comes in contact with an acid, base or solvent....

Featured2 months ago

What Does It Mean To Be Prepared?

Preparing is the act of getting ready for the future. Preparing is a broad term and action that has been...

Featured3 months ago

How to Survive an Earthquake

The definition of an earthquake is a sudden, unexpected, fast shaking of the earth’s surface, which is primarily caused by...

Featured3 months ago

How and What to Save During a Food Crisis

Disasters, natural or human-made, have a history of leaving behind numerous problems that people find hard to cope with. One...

Featured3 months ago

The Storm Has Arrived! Shop the Storm Protection Agency!

The Storm Has Arrived! Shop the Storm Protection Agency! The truth is a storm of one kind or another is...

Preparedness3 months ago

10 Realizations You Will Have If You Ever Live Without Electricity (These are just the beginning)

Taking away electricity means rethinking your entire day and planning how you can go about your life without the need...

Featured3 months ago

7 Ways to Survive an EMP Attack

An electromagnetic pulse, or β€œEMP” for short, is a sudden burst of energy that overloads the fragile components within an...

Featured4 months ago

What to Do When You Can’t Afford Food

The times are tough, and as the pandemic continues to affect us all in many different ways, this article feels...