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    Water Collection, Filtration & Storage

    Tips for Boiling Water in a Disaster

    Water is absolutely critical for life. And it’s very important for optimal health. Yet it is something we, in the modern world,...

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    Water Collection, Filtration & Storage

    12 Tips for Collecting Your Own Rain Water

    Water covers 71 percent of the Earth. The human body is about two-thirds water. Water is critical for life. Without water death...

  • adequate water storage adequate water storage
    Water Collection, Filtration & Storage

    How Many People Will Die for Lack of Water? [Video]

    This video is about the water storage you do not have. In 200 households interviewed in preparation for this TNP video, less...

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    Water Collection, Filtration & Storage

    If this Kid can Build a 110 Gallon Rain Barrel Why Can’t You?

    With the chemical spill crisis still going on in West Virginia and now heading down the Ohio river to contaminate the drinking...

  • 2 liter bottle for survival 2 liter bottle for survival
    Survival Skills

    17 Methods of Using 2 Liter Bottles for Survival

    If you drink a lot of pop, or soda, out of those 2 liter plastic bottles, I hope you’ve been saving them....

  • drugs in tap water drugs in tap water
    Water Collection, Filtration & Storage

    Over 25 Drugs in Half of America’s Water

    Did you drink your recommended amount of water yesterday? How are you doing so far today? Where did that water come from?...

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