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  • treason treason
    Prepper News

    How Many of Our Politicians are Guilty of Treason?

    A 19th century illustration of Guy Fawkes by George Cruikshank. Guy Fawkes tried to assassinate James I of England. He failed and...

  • treating water treating water
    Water Collection, Filtration & Storage

    Storing and Treating Your Water [Infographic]

    Do you have enough water to get you through at least 6 months? Water is our most important resource. Our bodies are...

  • cold weather lean to cold weather lean to
    Disaster Planning

    How to Build a Double Lean to Cold Weather Shelter [Video]

    Staying cold while surviving is vital to living. Winter is among us and the cold weather is here in full force. Meteorologists...

  • drugs in tap water drugs in tap water
    Water Collection, Filtration & Storage

    Over 25 Drugs in Half of America’s Water

    Did you drink your recommended amount of water yesterday? How are you doing so far today? Where did that water come from?...

  • 6.4K
    Guns & Weapons

    What Rifle Caliber Do You Choose for a Survival Situation

    I know I am probably opening a can of worms here, but I thought I’d go for it anyway. Nothing wrong with...

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