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    Column 3

    TSA Issues Warning to Truckers: ISIS Using Trucks as Weapons of Mass Destruction – as in the Nice, France Attack

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    Could this be the World’s Fastest Shotgun?

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    Disaster Planning

    Got Your Car Kit? You Might Need It.

    On January 23rd there was a terrible car pile up on I-94 in Indiana.  There were many injuries and 3 killed. To...

  • prepper lifestyle prepper lifestyle
    Survival Skills

    Move Past Prepping for an Emergency and Start Living a Preparedness Lifestyle

    Why did you start prepping? Chances are it has something to do with an emergency, disaster, crisis or TEOTWAWKI. Regardless of why...

  • chinese nuclear attack chinese nuclear attack
    Prepper News

    Should We Be Worried About a Nuclear Attack from China?

    On Monday October 28th the Chinese News outlets run a story that showed a detailed plan for the Chinese military to conduct...

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