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    Guns & Weapons

    2016 Was A Great Year For Gun Owners!

    We’ve had plenty of stories about guns, gun owners, and gun control this year. If it seems like a busy time, it...

  • prepping in an apartment prepping in an apartment

    These 5 Prepping Tips are Specific to Apartment Dwellers. Number 2 Can Be a Little Tricky.

    Prepping while living in an apartment can be a challenge, and cause many early preppers to quickly become overwhelmed while they are...

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    Disaster Planning

    Be Ready for an Emergency. 10 Things People Forget to do Until It’s Too Late.

    Being ready for an emergency is something we are all working towards. You never know when and where disaster will strike, so...

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    Prepper News

    Preppers and Patriots it’s Time to Wake America Up

    As I begin this New Year I think what my goal is for this New Year. Be a better person maybe? Buy...

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