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    Guns & Weapons

    Make Knives Great Again: Repeal The Switchblade Act of 1958

    Liberals make no sense whatsoever. That we know. We also know that every man (and most women and many children) should carry...

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    Guns & Weapons

    Surprise! Criminals Buy Guns On The Street, Avoid Laws

    Amazingly, the liberals constantly claim that gun control works. If we, the law-abiding, just jump through a few more hoops, then criminals...

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    Guns & Weapons

    2016 Was A Great Year For Gun Owners!

    We’ve had plenty of stories about guns, gun owners, and gun control this year. If it seems like a busy time, it...

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    Prepper News

    A Pizza Hut Robber Is Dead And His Mom Blames You And Me. REALLY?!

    This is rich. One for the ages. The modern age of no responsibility for one’s actions, to be precise. A thug gangster...

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    Maine Sheriffs Speak For The NRA

    When last month’s election rolled around, the gun grabbers came calling from coast to coast. And some people were ready for them....

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    Check Out These Outrageous Anti-Gun Lies

    The left loves to lie about guns. Heck, they love to lie period. But with guns they take extra delight in distorting...

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    No Fly List for Gun Owners Violates Second Amendment

    Flying commercial used to be fun. It used to be dignified. I remember my first flight as a child back in another...

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    The Government Wants To Disarm “Super Gun Owners”: Congratulations, You’re A Super Gun Owner

    Americans own more guns now than ever. And an increasing number of us own more guns, per capita, than ever before. Some...

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    Guns & Weapons

    SS190AP Armor-Piercing Ammunition Illegal in New Jersey

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, right? Not if the goose is a goose-stepping government and the gander...

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    Firearm Storage

    How to Store Your MonoVault (Guns and Ammo)

    Firearms are a critical part of our survival. They are nearly sacred in America. They are hunting tools. And they are defensive...

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    Prepper News

    What Does the Future Hold for the Second Amendment?

    The Second Amendment and firearms rights are constantly in the news and in the courts these days. And people like Hillary Clinton...

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    Prop 63 Advocating House-to-House Confiscation of Guns

    The commies are coming! The commies are coming! Yes, in California they are coming for your guns and ammo. And, if you...

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    Guns & Weapons

    Weapons to Consider Adding to Your Arsenal

    It happened again Monday night. During the presidential debate Hillary Clinton made ubiquitous reference to the dreaded “assault” rifle. Just because a...

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    The State of Illinois Bans Parents’ Second Amendment Rights!

    The Second Amendment is the defensive backbone of the Constitution. And it is under attack every day in America. During the first...

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