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    Prepper News

    Prepper News Weekly: Paris Terror, Regulation Cutting, Jobs, and More

    In the news: Today, Islamic terrorism hit Paris, France AGAIN. Again, and again, and again. The latest attack (unless there’s been yet...

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    Active Shooter

    Did You Hear Who Stopped this Hostage Situation at a Gas Station in Tennessee?

    It wasn’t the police. It sure as heck wasn’t a social justice warrior or any “well wishing” gun controller. It was a...

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    Survival Skills

    Survival Preparedness – What You Need to Know to Be a Preparedness Pro

    When I started this article I wanted it to be the ultimate guide to preparedness, but quickly realized after writing over a...

  • DadSurprise DadSurprise

    Daughter Breaks Down During Pep Rally from Dad’s Surprise.

    Soldier Surprises Daughter At School – A soldier from Gaffney surprised his daughter at Granard Middle School with a homecoming to remember.Air...

  • MilitaryBrother MilitaryBrother

    This Brother Gives His Sister the Surprise of a Lifetime.

    Soldier Brother Surprises Sister : A soldier from the Upstate who had been stationed in Okinawa, Japan for the last 18 months...

  • Military Dad Graduation Gift Military Dad Graduation Gift

    This Military Dad Gave his Little Girl the Best Graduation Gift She Could Ever Ask for!

    Soldier Surprises Daughter – Kentucky fifth-grader Grace Reyes thought the biggest thing that was going to happen to her Wednesday morning was...

  • missing from bug out bag missing from bug out bag
    Bug Out

    I Bet this One Item is Missing from Your Bug Out Bag and Why it May Save Your Family during Survival.

    What comes to mind when you start thinking about building your bug out bag? I bet its survival items like survival food,...

  • Marine Corps Warfighting Lab's Advanced Warfighting Experiment Marine Corps Warfighting Lab's Advanced Warfighting Experiment

    The Marines Have Began Advanced Warfighting Experiment in Hawaii. What Do You Think of Their Techniques?

    Marines with 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment land in CH-53 helicopters and begin training operations on Kahuku Training Area in Oahu, Hawaii’s...

  • gun control gun control
    Guns & Weapons

    These Could be the Best and Worst Videos on Gun Control

    What comes to mind when you hear the words “Gun Control“? There are good aspects and bad aspects to those words. In...

  • Beginner But Out Bag Beginner But Out Bag
    Bug Out

    Don’t Try Building Your First Bug Out Bag Without Watching this Video First

    If you are a beginner prepper, or even if you’ve been doing it at while, then you’re probably ready to #build your...

  • Ultra Heavy-Lift Amphibious Connector Ultra Heavy-Lift Amphibious Connector

    Have You Seen this Massive Combat Paddle Boat being Tested by the Marines?

    The #ultra heavy-lift amphibious connector (UHAC) begins to rotate on the beach, July 9, at Marine Corps Training Area Bellows on Oahu,...

  • home survival kit home survival kit
    Survival Skills

    Stay Safe with Home Survival Kits « All About Preppers

    When’s the last time you took inventory of your home preparedness kit? Do your supplies need rotated, is anything expired, or does...

  • teen saved by stranger teen saved by stranger

    This Teen was Minutes from Death, Until 2 Good Samaritans Came to His Rescue!

    The ordeal, which was captured on camera, began after a trip to the coast to observe sea life took a dramatic turn....

  • military superhero dad military superhero dad

    This Military Dad was His Son’s Hero. So He Brought Heroes to His Son for His Homecoming.

    Soldier Dad Surprises Sons : Three Westlake boys got the surprise of a lifetime Friday from their favorite superhero, their dad!  ...

  • military dad homecoming military dad homecoming

    This was the Best Way He Could Think of to Return Home After Nine Months of Deployment.

    Soldier dad surprises son at school – Staff Sgt. Jesse Keller came home from finishing a nine-month tour in Qatar in the...

    Food Preparation & Storage

    A Simple Way to Make Your Own MREs That Work Great with any Bug Out Bag.

    When it comes to survival food, whether you are looking to buy some MREs or maybe some survival food from big companies...

  • survival skills for kids survival skills for kids
    Children Skills

    There’s Still Time to Teach Your Kids These 6 Survival Skills Before the End of Summer.

    How active are you kids over the summer break? Your kids may be enrolled in year around school, which means they most...

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