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    There’s a Massive Run on Firearms Coming, Bigger than Anything We’ve Ever Seen, According to James Rawles

    The great American Gun Run! That sounds like a 5K for preppers. Speaking of great, Barack Hussein Obama is the world’s greatest...

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    Here’s How President Hillary Will Destroy Your Gun Rights without Touching the Second Amendment

    Modern elections offer nothing if not uncertainty. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton (and Gary Johnson) are telling us what they will do...

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    You Won’t Believe What this Democrat Delegate Confesses About Hillary’s Plan for Guns

    Project Veritas Action (PVA) brought down corrupt Democrat activist front group ACORN with a series of revealing videos, and has now turned...

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    FBI Director Comey and Hillary Clinton have Completey Destroyed the Rule of Law, Here’s What You Can Do About it

    Last week FBI Director James Comey determined that there are no charges recommend in the Hillary Clinton email scandal. This infuriated millions...

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    Hillary Outlines Her Plan to Destroy the Second Amendment and Here it Is

    It’s no surprise that after the Orlando shooting many politicians are pushing for stronger gun control laws, going as far as wanting...

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    Here’s Why Hillary Clinton’s Nomination Sends a Bad Message to Our Daughters

    As soon as Hillary secured the Democratic presidential nominee what did we all start hearing? Ok, besides “We’re Doomed!”. We hear from...

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