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    Bug Out Location

    Use These Excellent Tips To Secure Your Bug Out Retreat

    The idea behind having a bug out retreat is grounded in basic safety. It makes sense to get away to somewhere where...

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    How To Build Your Own Inexpensive Homestead

    In the olden days people of the community gathered together to help raise the homestead. And the people built most everything from...

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    How to Make and Fill Your Own Mega Power Bank

    We use electricity to power our world and all our fun devices. And a little disruption to the power grid makes it...

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    Food Preparation & Storage

    How To Build And Use A Root Cellar

    The old root cellar is a fantastic way to store food in a controlled environment. Freedom Prepper has covered this before: Building...

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    DIY Projects

    Become A Backyard Blacksmith With A DIY Recycled Beer Keg Furnace

    Blacksmithing is a disappearing art. But it doesn’t have to disappear altogether. There are numerous reasons one might want forging skills. This...

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    DIY Projects

    Benefits of Creating a Worm Farm

    Do you like rich compost for your garden? Do you like fishing? Like creeping out your daughter? If you answered “yes” to...

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    Food Preparation & Storage

    Follow These 10 Steps to Build a Great Root Cellar

    A root cellar is a marvel of simplicity and a staple of many a farmhouse. They have been in use for ages...

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    Off Grid Living

    Should We Model more of Our Cities Off this Dutch Town?

    Once upon a time I visited the Georgia Capitol. There, in an elevator, I cornered a residential construction industry lobbyist. I told...

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    Food Production

    If Raising Cattle is Part of Your Preparedness Plan, Here are 10 Tips to Get You Started

    Cicero once related Cato’s thoughts on raising cattle; the Senator held it the noblest of professions.* (Cicero, De Officiis). The intervening centuries...

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    Grid Down

    Save Those Old Snow Shovels and Turn Them into a Wind Turbine

    One learns something new every day. Living in the blast furnace South I have little experience with snow shovels. Actually we have...

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    Food Production

    10 Vegetables You Can Plant in August and Still Harvest Before Winter

    Fall and cooler temperatures are right around the corner. Football, hunting season, and the holidays are a welcomed change every year. However,...

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    Water Collection, Filtration & Storage

    12 Tips for Collecting Your Own Rain Water

    Water covers 71 percent of the Earth. The human body is about two-thirds water. Water is critical for life. Without water death...

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    Food Production

    Prevent Predators from Getting to Your Chickens by Adding these Features to Your Chicken Run

    Chickens are by far the most popular livestock to add to homesteads. They are fairly easy to care for and provide eggs...

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    Food Production

    10 Vegetables from Your Garden You Should be Saving the Seeds From

    One of the best ways to start your garden off right is to start with the best seeds. The best way to...

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    Food Production

    10 Self-Sufficiency Homesteading Skills from Our Crazy Redneck Neighbor

    Being from Kentucky, I’ve had my fair share of crazy neighbors, and several more crazy family members, but boy can they be...

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    This is the Only Blueprint You Need for a Successful 1 Acre Homestead

    Homesteading is a way of life, it’s a lifestyle change that once you make the commitment and dive into you never want...

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    7 Things You Must have to Work on the Homestead

    If your ultimate goal as a prepper is to run your own homestead then there are several things you need to know...

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