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    Prepper News

    Are Liberals The New Faces Of Prepping? What Is The “Trumpocalypse”?

    Prepping, let’s be honest, has usually been a right wing sport. When I started writing here, I was told the audience was...

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    Guns & Weapons

    Sheriff David Clarke Talks about Wearing a Target on Your Chest Everyday

    America, it seems, is sliding into chaos. Each week brings a new outrage, a new riot, a new protest, or a host...

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    Disaster Planning

    Be Ready for an Emergency. 10 Things People Forget to do Until It’s Too Late.

    Being ready for an emergency is something we are all working towards. You never know when and where disaster will strike, so...

  • are preppers normal are preppers normal
    Prepper News

    You’re a Prepper…Are You Normal?

    With the media putting preppers out there in the open where more and more people are aware of what we do, like...

  • preppers believe in God preppers believe in God
    Prepper News

    Do Preppers Believe in God? [Joke and Video]

    I know that may seem like a stupid question and just for the record I believe and trust in God, talk to...

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    Survival Skills

    Over 9 Ways to Forecast Weather without Using Gadgets

    When’s the last time your weather forecaster got it right? Some do a fantastic job, while others, well they’re hardly ever on...

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