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    Food Preparation & Storage

    Always Use Heirloom Seeds For Your Survival Stock

    Gardening is a great hobby. For preppers it takes on special meaning, being a means to provide food for the family. One...

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    Prepper News

    Are Liberals The New Faces Of Prepping? What Is The “Trumpocalypse”?

    Prepping, let’s be honest, has usually been a right wing sport. When I started writing here, I was told the audience was...

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    Survival Gear

    Your Student Needs to be Prepared for an Emergency, Here’s What Gear they Need

    This summer saw an extremely high amount of terrorist activity, day after day in some cases. Europe and America were rocked: Paris,...

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    Grid Down

    Have You Considered How You’re Going to Keep Your Laundry Clean When the Grid Goes Down?

    First, does anyone like doing laundry anyway, power on or off? It’s not my favorite although I find it more pleasant than...

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    Survival Skills

    Teach Your Kids these 32 Survival Skills and Better Prepare Them

    Lisa Bedford, a.k.a. “The Survival Mom”, is a force to be reckoned with. She provides expert preparedness and survival information from a...

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    Disaster Planning

    Use this Emergency Evacuation Checklist to Ensure You’re able to Leave in Less than 10 Minutes

    “Bugging out” or “getting out of Dodge” is one of the primary reason so many Americans have become preppers. Whether it’s a...

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    Survival Skills

    Do You Know Where Your Preps are Lacking the Most?

    Prepping can quickly become overwhelming. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start, how much and what kind. The considerations can go...

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    Survival Skills

    Here are 12 Items Often Overlooked, But You Need to Include in Your Preps

    How many “checklists” have you downloaded that claim to cover everything you need in your pantry, bug out bag, vehicle, etc.? I’m...

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    Food Preparation & Storage

    Here are 6 Ways to Grow Survival Food Even if You Don’t Have the Room.

    A lot of preppers find themselves living in an area where they feel they don’t have enough space for their preps. This...

  • Children Skills

    5 Things Boys can do to help with Prepping

    I have a teen boy that seems to have endless energy. Here are 5 things that they can do to use that...

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    Disaster Planning

    Be Ready for an Emergency. 10 Things People Forget to do Until It’s Too Late.

    Being ready for an emergency is something we are all working towards. You never know when and where disaster will strike, so...

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    Children Skills

    The Power is Out and Your Kids are Bored. 27 ways to Keep them Entertained.

    What do your kids do when the power goes out? If they are like, and most others, they get bored, really, really...

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    Prepping while Renting

    Prepping in Tight Spaces. A Little Creativity Goes a Long Way with Storage Space.

    Stocking up on prepping items can quickly take over your living space. If you are an apartment prepper this can happen ever...

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    Survival Skills

    Thinking About Night Vision? Things to Consider.

    Night vision is one of those things that most preppers want but keep putting off. Night vision to most of us is...

  • balanced preps balanced preps
    Survival Skills

    Are You Balanced in Your Preps?

    How many times have you found yourself overwhelmed with the amount of information you find for prepping and surviving? I’d say if...

  • 2 liter bottle for survival 2 liter bottle for survival
    Survival Skills

    17 Methods of Using 2 Liter Bottles for Survival

    If you drink a lot of pop, or soda, out of those 2 liter plastic bottles, I hope you’ve been saving them....

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