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    Medical Care

    Learn These Minimum Requirements for Survival Health

    During February’s focus on health and medical care we will look at many situations and processes geared to help you survive. Of...

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    Survival Hacks

    Train Your Brain to React in Any Survival Situation

    There are maybe a million and one things to prepare for and guard against. They concern every facet of life. However, they...

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    Survival Hacks

    Learn These Many Ways to Reuse Motor Oil for Survival

    One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so the saying goes. And few things are as “trashable” these days as motor oil....

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    Winter Storm

    Use These Five Tips to Avoid Disaster Driving on Ice

    With winter comes the dire threat of driving on ice. Snow is one thing, but ice is another. Even a four-wheel drive...

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    Survival Skills

    These 5 Household Items Can Save You Life After SHTF

    Survival is critical but it doesn’t always have to be hard. Sometimes the simple things get the job done. You already have...

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    Survival Hacks

    Very Real Survival Tips From The Walking Dead

    Everyone tells me I should watch the Walking Dead on television. I still haven’t as I shun all that comes on the...

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    DIY Projects

    Use These Tips to Clear Snow Easily and Safely this Winter

    Many people do not know, but winter can actually bring snow to all 50 states. Of course, those up north tend to...

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    DIY Projects

    This is the Ultimate “Solution” for Melting Windshield Ice! Takes 5 Seconds!

    So the other day I posted an easy way to clear snow and ice off your windshield. It’s a simple method that...

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    Prepper News

    Here’s The “A to Z” Of Winter Prepping

    As part of our month-long series on winter preparedness, here’s an alphabetical guide to fending off the ice and chills. It might...

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    DIY Projects

    Here Is How To Make Your Own Fuel Gel

    Winter once again brings cold weather to much of the country. And that has heating on everyone’s mind. It only takes half...

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    Survival Hacks

    Defrost Your Windshield The Quick And Easy Way

    Winter is here again. I write this entry on December 21st. The cold is in and the ice is coming. Many of...

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    Survival Skills

    Read Up On When Survival Fiction Turns Out To Be Fact

    Sometimes a good book provides more than mere entertainment. Sometimes there are real world lessons embedded in fiction. That’s true for the...

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    Prepping while Renting

    Master These 25 Tips Just For Apartment And City Preppers

    Prepping usually conjures up images of mountain men at a remote cabin in the woods. However, many (if not most) preppers live...

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    Survival Hacks

    Learn Morse Code The Easy Way

    In the aftermath of a serious catastrophe normal, modern communication methods may prove problematic. Preppers are wise to have a few alternatives...

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    DIY Projects

    Use This Simple Trick To Start A Dead Car Battery

    A dead battery is a real pain. And they tend to strike at the worst possible times. They happen when there’s no-one...

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    Off Grid Living

    Useful Off Grid Hacks

    Living off the grid is a dream (or dream come true) for many. Severe those connections to the system! And when SHTF...

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    Fishing, Hunting & Trapping

    Sixteen Survival Fishing Hacks That Work

    Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for...

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