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    Preparedness & Survival

    The Top 5 SHTF Combat Shotguns (Video)

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    Guns & Weapons

    Use These 12 Ordinary Items as Weapons in a Pinch

    Guns are very effective weapons for defense. Knives work very well also. Additionally there is mace, tasers, and other personal protection devices....

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    Bug Out Vehicle

    Build a DIY Gasoline Depot to Fight Pains at the Pump

    Here’s another great do-it-yourself idea for the house or the retreat. And this is a project that I actually did myself maybe...

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    Survival Tools

    Make Sure You Always Have These 5 Survival Tools On Hand

    There are, of course, more than five items to have on hand for rough times. In fact, this article lists out more...

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    DIY Projects

    Make Your Own Waterproof Survival Kit

    Gear is important for survival. All preppers know that. And almost all of us have a bug out bag or a “go”...

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    Survival Skills

    These 5 Household Items Can Save You Life After SHTF

    Survival is critical but it doesn’t always have to be hard. Sometimes the simple things get the job done. You already have...

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    Bug Out Bag

    Don’t Leave These 15 Uncommon Items Out of Your Bug Out Bag

    I’d like to think that everyone regularly reading this site has a stocked bug out bag. I’m sure you do. And you...

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    DIY Projects

    This is Your DIY Guide to Emergency Winter Heat

    Again, it is winter. And that means cold. Cold means discomfort. Let the heat or power go out and things easily go...

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    DIY Projects

    Breath Easy With This Simple DIY Air Purifier

    Clean, fresh air is kind of important. No air means death in three minutes or less for most people. Dirty or contaminated...

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    Medical Care

    Check Out This Complete DIY Survival Medical Kit

    Over the past few months we here at Freedom Prepper have covered several great medical kits. We’ve looked at small travel models....

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    These Are 20 Awesome Winter Items Every Prepper Should Have

    Dear Readers: Winter is here. Following the success of our Christmas Gift Recommendations, we proudly offer a few excellent winter items. The...

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    DIY Projects

    The Amazing $5 DIY Rocket Stove That Works

    Preppers always value alternative heating and cooking solutions. Today we look at an amazing little stove that you can easily build for...

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    Survival Tools

    Check Out The Awesome Survival Kit For Bush Pilots

    Few people are as rugged as bush pilots. Their job means flying into danger everyday with no certainty in anything. There is...

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    27 Christmas Gifts For The Prepper Who Has It All (2016 SPECIAL Edition)

    Dear Readers: Christmas is coming fast! We’ve done a little research to make gift buying just a little easier this year. Here...

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    Survival Gear

    Use These Easy Tips To Find Cheap Or Free Gear For Prepping

    One of our great themes here is saving money on the preps. Cheaps for the peeps, I call it. Prepping can be...

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