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A Test for Your Situational Awareness: Spot the Pickpocket

A Test for Your Situational Awareness: Spot the Pickpocket

I was going to do a video feature about the recent car-on-the-sidewalk terror case in New York, using security cam footage from the scene. This I watched – and more – and it was horrible. That was going to be my point: learn from this horror show to avoid being in one of your own.

Still I struggled with the idea – graphic violence against the innocent vs. a deadly serious lesson. Then, when I decided to pull the trigger, YouTube took the video down. Thank God!

Now, I m pleased to bring you another video, that will be as useful but not as unsettling. Please watch the following and test yourself:

Video by Shariff F. / YouTube.

Watch this restuarant scene and spot the pickpocket in action!

He’s in this picture. Did you see it?

Check the guy in all black, on the phone – lower left corner, around 1:40 in. He seamlessly lifts lifts a wallet from a man’s backpack and leaves. Did you catch it? No one in that crowded room did…

This is the art of situational awareness. Look around and learn to spot the obvious. Usually bad actors are pretty brazen. They hide in plain sight. Sometimes they don’t even hide. They don’t need to even blend in if no one pays attention. Please do.

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