The Alarming Investigation of Andrew McCabe

Something is not right in Washington, DC. Well, maybe it’s that nothing is right in the Yankee Capital. I’m not sure which is worse. It could be the usual mess of massive government. It could be the constant flirting with insanity by the current President. It could be the Deep State determination to overthrow the President. Or, it could be the near total lack of concern by the average American.

That’s not you, preppers. Therefore, know that the DOJ IG’s Office just release a scathing report on the investigation of fired FBI acting Director Andrew McCabe. It’s 39 pages of startling revelation about what is going on in “our” government: lies, leaks, deception, self-service, lack of candor, refusal to follow the law, maybe even treason. This is only the beginning of a huge mess that must be fixed lest the Republic completely disintegrate.






Picture by US Dept. of “Justice”.

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