The Amazing Truth About Guns in America

The Amazing Truth About Guns in America


“It was downright embarrassing. Especially for me. Perrin Lovett, the gun guy, … was wrong about guns. I was wrong for the better part of two decades. Horribly wrong.

Specifically, I had been citing a rounded, general statistic: 1 million defensive gun uses every year in America (sometimes phrased as a million lives saved every year by guns). It was a very handy number to refute the claims by various gun control freaks that guns take X number of lives per year (usually in the 10,000 – 30,000 range). It was an order of magnitude of positive difference. And it was dead wrong.

Guns do not save 1 million lives each year in America.

They save 2.5 million lives. The CDC says so. Well, they say it quietly and only when pushed. You see, dear readers, the CDC did a study from 1996 through 1998. They discovered 2.46 million defensive gun uses each year. With inflation, let’s call it 2.5 million. Every. Single. Year.





Pic by Perrin.

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