The Best Two Person Survival Tents You Need to Check Out

There are a variety of the best two-person survival tents. They are in different colors, shapes, and sizes. All of them serve the same function to keep you warm, dry, and safe. They protect you from external elements.

A survival tent is the best thing to have when prepping out. You will no longer need to find a cover or build a shelter from scratch. The first thing you look when outdoors as a survivalist is to protect yourself from the outside elements as soon as you can. This is done best when a high-quality survival tent is handy.

There are several things to look for in a high-quality survival tent. The survival tent must be lightweight and easy to pack. It should be able to resist strong weather conditions for as long as you may want.

The most important quality to look for in a high-quality survival tent is to hold up to serious environmental conditions including blizzard and hailstorm. This must be your all-weather friend that is equipped to keep you safe come what may. You will also like to have a survival tent that meets your specific preferences within your budget including internal space and other features.

Here are the top two-person survival tents with a variety of features to go through before zeroing in on the one that fancies you the most.


ALPS Mountaineering Extreme

ALPS Mountaineering Extreme (For 2 persons)

ALPS Mountaineering is a well-known brand with a great reputation. They are among the best survival tent makers whose compact Extreme Tent Series testify their passion for quality.

Judge the series on any parameter you like, the Extreme Series will easily pass your litmus test, no matter what you are looking for. Space and durability are the first things to look for. You get both of these. You may wonder if these qualities come at the cost of increased packing size and weight. The answer is ‘no’.

It is nothing short of the mind-boggling feat of its design features to weigh down everything under 10 pounds (4.54 kg). This 2 person survival tent delivers space and high performance without having to sacrifice on the other essential feature of lightweight. This is the kind of solution you would want out of an excellent survival tent. It will not only comfortably accommodate two grown-up adults, but will also leave enough space to adjust additional gear unrestrained. It is capable of successfully resisting the extremely challenging external environment.

The design feature of the Extreme speaks for itself when you realize how easy it can be assembled and set up. This tent gets its strength, weight, and ease of set up with its aluminum design.

The strength and durability features come from UV and water-resistant quality of the polyester fly used in this tent to withstand diverse climatic conditions. In practical terms, it means the polyester fly specification of “75D 185T” supported with “1500 mm” of waterproof coating to protect you from getting exposed to elements.

The Extreme already features sufficient storage space. On top of it, there are two vestibules located at the tent’s entry. You get 36 sq ft space for equipment and bags. Along with a gear loft and mesh pockets to hold sundry other items, this is almost as far as you go in the level of comfort. The entire tent packs down to a bundle of 6″ x 20″ that weighs easily manageable 7 lbs 7 oz. You bet you couldn’t have asked for a better deal for a great bug out backpack as a person survival tent.
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Hilleberg Jannu 2 Person Tent

Hilleberg Jannu 2 Person Tent

Hilleberg’s image as the makers of high-performance mountaineering gears and survival tents has remained untarnished over the years. Jannu 2 person survival tent exemplifies their reputation. Jannu will give you the value for your money when this lightweight survival tent will continue to endure for years under multi-season conditions.

Jannu’s popularity with trekkers, campers, mountaineers, and adventurers make it a fit case for survivors who may be compelled to eke out an existence under impossible weather conditions.

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Jannu was originally designed for adventure enthusiasts. This gets more obvious when you examine its construction features. The material used in the construction of this tent, strength, durability, and interior space meet the impeccable standards.

Jannu is as light as it could get. Lightweight is a quality that no survival camper should ever overlook. Jannu’s regular pack weight is a little less than 7 pounds, which comes to about 3 kg. It can further shed its weight down to about 6 pounds or 2.8 kg with just the poles and the tent surface.

Surprising as it may sound, the amazing low weight performance of Jannu is not at any cost or trade-off.
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Its performance is as great as any tough weather sturdy and efficient survival tent. It is designed to deliver under the toughest conditions. No matter how harsh the weather is, Jannu will keep the fury of weather and harsh elements at a bay, while you can safely enjoy your comfortable sleep under it.

Legacy Food Storage

No survival enthusiast can resist the magical allure of the core strength of Jannu. The dome shape of this survival tent has several advantages. This tent comes with 9 mm poles crisscrossing at multiple points. The dome shape is a classical feature to minimize the impacts of snow and hail storms. Setting it up is easy with only the vestibule that requires grounding. The rest of the tent structure gets its strength and support from poles.

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Jannu is different from other regular tents.

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It has the true features of a survival tent. There are inner and outer tents in this system, and they are linked together. You can easily get your system up quickly as and when you may require depending on the weather conditions.

The main inner tent area of Jannu and its vestibule area together give you a great storage area. You have 92” x 55” of space within the main inner area. The headroom space is 33”. The extra bags and gears can be easily adjusted in another 41” x 51” space dimension that the vestibule and entryway provide.

Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL Tent

Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL Tent

Big Agnes is a well-known brand. Its highly successful range of the Copper Spur HV UL is now a rave. This is easily among the top survival tens in its class.

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The impeccable design of this survival tent features a volume rich four-way hub design. The advantage of this design feature is that it enhances the overall strength of the survival tent and also increases its interior volume. All of these are achieved without adding additional weight.

Going by the earlier products from the same company, you can be confident about the features and performance of Copper Spur HV UL. This is your best all-season survival tent. The strength and durability of this survival tent come from its proprietary nylon construction identified as “double rip-stop”. This specific feature adds to the tensile strength of the material. It means your survival tent won’t get easily torn.

There is enough interior space and sleeping room with its dimension of 88” long x 52” wide. The width narrows to 42” at one of its ends. There is a headroom in the interior space which at its maximum size is 40 inches. The storage space to keep bags and gears comes from a two-door and vestibule arrangement.

Available in 1 to 4 person models, the Copper Spur HV UL comes in an ultra-lightweight range of 2.5 pounds (1.13 kg) to 5.1 pounds (2.31 kg) from the smallest to the largest.

MSR Hubba Hubba NX

MSR Hubba Hubba NX

MSR has come out with this ultra-light survival tent to fit in two persons with everything you may want in a two-person survival tent including some additional features. They go on to add to your comfort and convenience.

The Hubba Hubba is probably the lightest survival tent. It can be packed fast and easy. When bundled into a pack, this survival tent is just a little over 2 lbs. It is difficult to find out a backpack more suitable as a bug-out bag than this one. You may not find an alternative as light as this one, yet comfortable enough for two people.

In comparison to the other lightweight survival tents, Hubba Hubba offers better comfort with its edge over significant parameters like ease of packing, storage area, and interior space.

The maximization of its room space comes from the symmetrically positioned poles of this survival tent. While providing increased space for comfort, internal ventilation is maximized with rainfly vents to protect you from rain and foreign elements including insects.

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These features maximize the internal flow of air while resisting condensation inside the tent.

Hubba Hubba NX is incredibly easy to assemble and set up. It has a unified hub system and its supporting pillars are feather-light. The color-coded clips make pitching as easy as it can be.

The construction material of this survival tent highly tensile nylon that is further treated with a waterproof coating. This is to ensure you are safe and dry along with your gear. There is a storage area for larger gear in the vestibules. The tent features two stay-dry entrance flaps. These flaps are supported with built-in rain gutters. You are perfectly safe and comfortable even when exiting or entering the tent, no matter how adverse the weather is.

If you’re looking for survival tents under $500, this article is worth a read!

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