The EZ ‘Log Cabin’ Fire-Starting Method Will Warm Your Heart And Body This Winter

The EZ ‘Log Cabin’ Fire-Starting Method Will Warm Your Heart And Body This Winter

Here’s an early hint: the “log cabin” fire method can be used in a cabin and anywhere else you need a fire! The terminology comes from the cross stacking of the fuel, not the location of the hearth.

The great Outdoor Adventure Channel on YouTube made a simple, easy-to-follow video on building the perfect fire and doing so quickly. Here’s how:

All pictures from the OA video.

Start, in the fireplace, the stove, or the campfire pit, with two ordinary-sized logs set a moderate distance apart from each other. If there’s already a dying fire, then you can just add material to the remaining fuel and go from there.

Two logs, open as pictured, give you a base to build on, and they allow sufficient airflow to grow the flames.

Next, add a little tinder. This should be material that will catch fire immediately. It’s critical as it will cause ignition in the layers above.

Adding those layers is the next step.

Pieces of the Fiery Puzzle

Now, one can plainly see where the name comes from: the kindling twigs rather resemble a small log cabin, or perhaps, a simple wooden rail fence in the country. 

One will also notice that the smaller pieces go towards the bottom, with larger sticks added on top. There is a good reason for this stacking process.

The tinder at the base, in the ashes, will catch instantly. Then, the heat and fire will rise into the small kindling which will, in turn, catch. At the top, as the fire gets going, the larger, long-lasting pieces will begin to burn. They, eventually, will ignite the ordinary logs from the beginning.

Let’s see how it works.

Playing With Fire*

Not too shabby! You can see just how efficient the system is. Now, it’s time to keep adding fuel, larger chunks, until you have a little inferno.

Here, a note: this fire was struck the old fashioned way, with a knife and flint. Watch to see how easy that is and how fast it takes. Amazing!

By the time this is roaring along, it will be simple to merely add additional standard-sized logs. 

Now, I hope you’ve enjoyed the summation, it’s time to…

Here’s The Video!

The Outdoor Adventure Channel/YouTube.

Legacy Food Storage

Kindly, visit THE CHANNEL and subscribe if you’re so inclined!

They also have a really neat WEBSITE. Visit today and often for all things outdoors. They even have a section just for the kids – get yours involved ASAP! And, as always, many, many thanks for today’s valuable information!

Outdoor Adventure.

One word of warning – as if we need it: Today, we played with fire. Fire can be dangerous. Do this at home, just exercise a little moderate thought and caution. Keep ‘em burning bright!

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