The Ins and Outs of Long Term Ammunition Storage

The Ins and Outs of Long Term Ammunition Storage


Water, food, fire, shelter, gear, skills, and …. offensive/defensive capability! That’s prepping in a sentence, kind of. And the offense and defense parts, in these modern times, means a firearm or twelve. True, bows and spears may have their place in certain circumstances but most of us rely on guns. And guns rely on ammo.


I read late last year that private Americans sit on some 9 Trillion+ rounds. Verily that’s the most in the world, the most in history. But, just as a planet covered in water doesn’t mean you always have a drink, all the ammo in the world does no good if not in your possession. And properly stored.


Chad Nabors wrote out a plan of action for the storage of ammo: a 101 course. Find this and much more at Here are the very basics:


Picture by Survival Sullivan.


Ammo is relatively cheap, outside of a few luxury and specialty types. And it lasts a good long while. The gun grabbing, commie nuts have plans for both of those: taxes to price bullets away, and chemical changes to degrade lifespan. We need to long-term store those people in prison. For the ammo:


Here’s a Long-Term Storage Plan:


One never knows when the plentiful supply may dry up in a hurry; read Nabors’s account of 2007 in FLA.

“The length of time you plan to store the ammo, the local humidity at the storage site and the container you store the ammo in will all dictate how long you can expect your ammo to stay fresh. Effective long term storage is safe, and completely achievable by anyone with a small financial investment.


Legacy Food Storage

Typically, one will only need a quality metal or plastic ammo can that seals against air and moisture, some desiccant packs, and perhaps heavy, plastic zipper or vacuum-seal bags. Rain’s coming, read on for details!”



Beyond the Ammo Can; Considerations:


Moisture is the enemy. Keep it dry, keep it safe. Keep the cool too; extreme heat degrades reliability.


Consider heavy-duty storage. Military surplus cans are an excellent option. There are many purpose-made commercial alternatives too. A tight seal is worth it’s rubber. Buy enough boxes to cover – or hold – all your expected needs.


Handling the ammo is important too. Nabors recommends wearing latex gloves. This will prevent contamination during storage. It’s not an issue when loading a gun for immediate use. But it is an issue when the bullets are expected to sit for a long time. Oil or water off the hands can cause problems. Keep it out.


Other considerations:


Pick a good spot to stack up the ammo.


Be careful when storing loaded magazines; quality and design count.


Move bullets from paper packaging into plastic bags.


Label what you have for convenience and dating.


Craft a rotation plan for “freshness.”

The quality of ammo matters too.


Store enough ammo for expected issues, and those unexpected incidents. More is better.

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Buy in bulk, store in bulk. Use sparingly.


Read Nabors’s original for all the details!


*Chad Nabors specializes in firearms, with a strong focus on concealed carry and pistols. His background is in commercial sales and training, and armor development and testing. He has trained many citizens on the pistol from basic to advanced skills. He is a vociferous proponent of the 2nd Amendment, and believes that defense of self and family is a moral obligation. He can be reached at grimgunner (AT)

Remember, prepper plans, bugged in or out, may well depend on defensive ability. That means guns. And guns depend on ammo. Make sure you have enough or what you need – more than enough. And, to make sure it’s useful when needed, make sure it is stored away properly.


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