The Little Caravan That Wouldn’t Quit

Here they come, or so they say. You now know about the “refugee” caravan in Mexico, poor, hopeless, oppressed, highly politically motivated souls just looking for a easy life in the USA. You heard Mexico promise to stop them from reaching the border. You heard Trump vow to meet them with the National Guard. They said they had given up. Maybe they haven’t. Yet.

A CNN Reporterette interviewed some of the migrants on a bus the other day. None indicated, when polled, that they were content to stay in Mexico. Obviously none of them wish to return to their home countries – where some are/were members of the government, other were gang members. Most did, however, raise their hands in favor of continuing to America. They’re one collective, remember? Many sexualities and curiosities and whatnot. Yearning to eat free. Need. Wall. Now.



Picture by CNN/NTK.

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