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Friday, February 14, 2020

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Coronavirus Numbers Surge


Defense Department Set to Tackle Possible Pandemic

Military Times

China Fears Economic Fallout from Virus

Asia Times

The New Farm: Old MacDonald Had a Robot, 01010


The CIA, HUAWEI, and Encryption


In re Iran – Senate Votes to Limit War Powers

The Wall Street Journal

Legacy Food Storage

For Brain Health, Learn a Second (or Third) Language


Sweden Favors Violent Invaders Over Swedish Women

By Paul Craig Roberts

Prepper Protest Precautions

The One and Only Samantha Biggers

Bernie’s Plan for America: Really?

Ken Jorgustin

Collapsing Rates in the Bond Market

Yahoo! Finance

Homeschooling Law Trends 2020

Home School Legal Defense Association

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