THE NEWS – 3/25/2020


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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The Surgeon General Says It’s Getting Rough

NBC News

But! It’s Not the End, Says Nobel Biophysicist

Yahoo! News

How Russia Acted Hard and Early to Stem Spread


Trump Reconsiders the National Shutdown

MSN/NY Times

Trump/White House Briefing

Trump Might Have Alarmed Public Health Officials…


When City Slickers Bug Out

MSN/LA Times

Too Soon? Markets Exhibit Fear of Everything

Legacy Food Storage


St. Louis Fed Sees 30%!! Unemployment Rates

MSN / Bloomberg

Life Without Air Travel – Anywhere

Wall Street Journal

Lost Your Sense of Smell Suddenly? You may be a Carrier

The AP

Is a 30% Second Quarter Drop Possible?


A FORM of Chloroquine is a Medicine – Another is a Poison!


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