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Monday, May 18, 2020

Wear A Mask, Or Else! – NBC 4, NY

There’s a myth out there that the fear masks protect against nanoscopic viruses. They don’t, as the little critters are too small to filter with fibers. Another myth is that police in the US police state exist to protect and serve the people. They work for the ruling class, period. These myths met on the sidewalk in New York City when a 22-year-old woman was beaten in front of her child and arrested. All because she didn’t sport the ineffective (and, in fact, dangerous) fear mask. Worst of all, by-standers stood by and let this happen. 

Guns Are Vampire Repellent – MSN/Bloomberg

Michiganders are literally up in arms, angry about their illegal lockdown and police state. And their guns have frightened the tiny little poli-rats to the point that they’re trying to cancel the legislative session to avoid a “confrontation.” Was it always this easy? Just show up and they scatter like roaches. People in NYC should look into this concept. 

Thank A Hero – For Forcibly Vaccinating You – Breitbart

Like the police service myth, there’s another one that suggests the military exists to protect us. In truth, on 9/11, they couldn’t even protect their own headquarters. But they might be of use to a certain ruling elite by taking the virus “vaccine” to the people. Like it or not? The Trump boasts that he’ll use the army to “distribute” the autism juice. We may need every Michigan minute man and more for this one.

Sports Desk: NFL Season Without Fans – USA Today

With all the kneeling, doping, SJW-isms, felonies, delays, reviews, and other turnoffs, the NFL already had a stadium attendance issue. Now, thanks to the … “virus,” they may become the National Fanless League, foregoing real fans while editing in digital CGI models. That assumes there will be a season in the first place. Hank, Jr: Are you ready for some pixeeeeeeels?! Me either.

The Half Truth And Nothing Like The Truth – Paul Craig Roberts

PCR wrote a great little essay about what happened to the truth in America. It’s gone, largely, and completely from the mainstream. Not only is it banished, it’s punished if or when it ever surfaces. Tell the facts, just the facts about something unpopular, and they’ll smear you with all kinds of bad names. They’d like to do worse, but we still have all those guns. Michigan, stand by.

The Growing Ranks Of Homeschool Support – Breitbart

A new poll shows that around 40% of parents are open to teaching their kids at home, a partial result of the “virus” and associated hysteria. It was a smaller sample size, but the results were encouraging. And, the trend is across the lines, racial, political, etc. Being forced to do it has made some people realize how easy it is. And they’re coming around to the idea that it works better than the “public” alternative. Let it ring!

Federal Reserve Admits Problems – AP

In the shortest wire story I’ve ever seen – 19 words – Jay Powell admits that the financial sector came under strain back in March. Guess what he blames. He’s aware that the issues were years in the making, he just won’t admit that publicly. But, rest assured, he and they have plans to make it all worse!

Legacy Food Storage

Memories Of Pandemics Past – NY Post

We don’t have them because, prior to 2020, the cold and flu season was just treated like the cold and flu season. There was no panic and lockdown in 1969, 1968, 1957, or 1918. Life went on. People got sick and died then as now. So, what has changed? My guess is “us.”

The Military Paper Tiger – Vox Day

The Pentagram and MIC assets like the RAND Corp. keep running war games. And America keeps losing. This despite being the “exceptional” nation that spends more money on “defense” than any other country on Earth. The long and short of it is that our people and our weapons are in sad shape. We lose hypothetical contests against China and/or Russia – regardless of the parameters. The good news, for those who don’t want to be forcibly vaccinated, is that the games suggest the failing war machine can’t beat patriots either. And, Vox’s 10-13 year timeline is spot-on.

Here Comes $3 Trillion More In “Help” – AP

Here, the AP dedicates many more words to a pointless subject. The House has approved more gasoline for our national fire! Hurray, we’ll be collapsed by tomorrow! Watch this sail through the Senate and become law ASAP. Then, look for more to follow. This is in addition to the trillion$ the Fed pumps out monthly. We’ll all be rich, in a very poor sense.

Protesting 5G Protests Too Much – ABC News

Like the virus, 5G came out of nowhere and we were told to accept it – regardless of what science said. People here and there have the crazy idea that something presented in such a way could be dangerous. Odd, right? Now they have the FedGov worried about something, to the point of making this protest out to be terroristic. I say the feds are giving something away. Do a little independent research and see what you think.

Armed Robbers Love The Mask – CBS2

I knew this would happen. Now it has. Police in California (and likely elsewhere) are noticing a huge spike in robberies. Why? Maybe it’s because they’ve advised or commanded everyone to run around in bank robbery masks? Now it’s impossible to tell who is just scared of the cold from someone who is about to pull a gun. The law of unintended consequences strikes again.

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