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Friday, May 29, 2020

Beware The Contact Tracer (VIDEO) – aplanetruth 4u

Falco: “Don’t turn around. The kommissar’s in town.” Just a year ago, nobody had ever heard of social distancing. Only bank robbers wore masks. And tracers were self-illuminating bullets one fired intermittently for better targeting. Now, “tracers” are firing up and down our streets, looking to add names to a list. What’s behind it ain’t good. Imagine a virus stepping on a freedom forever.

Masks (Or Lack Thereof) As Uniforms – Daisy Luther

But, it’s not a year ago – this is Clown Year. You know where I stand on fear masks. Here’s Daisy’s (more objective) take. She properly notes that there are two sides to this issue. Yes, the decision is yours and you certainly have your intentions, beliefs, and purposes. Note: I have worn a mask once, for about fifteen minutes. It was a construction N-95 model I (would ordinarily) use for sanding and/or insulation work around the bunker. I have a long-standing policy of escorting any animal I own into the vet’s office. It’s a common courtesy to the poor critter (they tend to be frightened by the visits). Today, the vet requires all humans to wear the mask. I did so – while ridiculing the foolishness of this dead nation – not out of fear, but for the love of an annoying and expensive ball of fur. PS: I asked if fuzzy needed a little mask of her own and was laughed at, which made the situation somewhat more bearable.

Meet Social-Distance Originator, Laura Glass – The US CDC

She’s a 14-year-old girl. Her school science project suggested keeping an anti-social distance between people. One might imagine that she said, “Ick!” “Gross!” or “TikTok, yo?” Her ideas became part of a “scientific” study which helped create the darndest phenomenon in US history. In a way I’m proud of her. In another way, I wish it was still 1977.

The Future Of America – RT

This is about riots in Minneapolis. Imagine both sides shooting live ammunition randomly at each other, repeat that nationwide, and you have a good indication of what this country will look like before this decade is out. If you live in a larger city (100,000+ people) or anywhere with any noticeable “diversity,” then move. Soon. It’s going to get worse.

The Urban Life – Medium

Someone (maybe Vox Day) wrote that civilization was only the art of living around large numbers of people without dying early. Seems he was right. Our cities, modern cities in general, were supposed to be utopias of convenience and excitement. You and five million friends stacked up like cordwood doesn’t sound convenient to me. This crazy year – and those to come – will effectively demonstrate what city life really is. It is something to be avoided.

But, Where To Go? – Eric Peters

I’ve flown over or driven across most of this country. It’s huge. Yet, we seem to be running out of real estate where Americans can be American, where the freedom is. EP left the busy burbs for the rural life and the problems have followed him. He’s right that the liberty-minded are a hounded class. There are many places we can go, most of the nation, as a matter of fact. But, many of those places are, well, empty because literally no-one wants to live there. Tough choices. At some point, we may have to stand rather than flee. Personally, I’d love to see the other side on the run for once.

What Country Is This? – Paul Craig Roberts

Legacy Food Storage

PCR upstages EP with this article, a reflection on how things were long ago. Or, not so long ago, really. He’s right about all of it. Many times, I have pondered how my dad would, if he could, fit in to this new abnormality. I’m sure he’d make it. But, with my grandfather, either one, I’m not sure we could convince him that he was on the right planet. Times do change though not for the better.

Masks Or Else – CBS Detroit

Last year, if you wore a mask to many public places, someone might assume you were up to no good and call the cops. Today, more and more places are forbidding entry to those who DO NOT wear the mask. Let them. I will not do business with anyone – except for a veterinarian – with such a policy. Of course, like real estate, we could easily run out of places to protest. 

More On The Meat Shortage – The Week

There’s still food and – as we’ll see in a few articles – people are still eating, but there is nonetheless a shortage of many kinds of meat. Right now, we’re making do with alternatives. Learn more about the “why” behind some of this. Then, make preparations for more alternatives to come. They surely will.

The Solar Minimum – Michael Snyder

Doing its part for the pandemic, the Sun has gone quiet. The big ball of burning gas has phases of activity, and this is one of them where surface activity slows to a calm, still nothing. That means less heat radiation for the Earth for a little while. It’s “climate change” that they can’t blame on us, though I’m surprised they don’t try. Anyway, less heat means slower plant growth and that means lower food production. An alternative to plan against. 

The US Pharma-Racket – Houston Chronicle

We’re in the wrong business. Drug makers rely on government grants for the research to find and make new medicines. They then sell the new dope and keep all the profit. So it is with Remdesivir, which may fight the cold virus and which you paid to develop. You’ll pay again, retail, if you need to use it; they will keep the cash. Most large corporate business in the US is carried out in a similar fashion. More fleece market than free market.

Somehow Americans Pack On The Pounds – Study Finds

Congratulations, America! In a depression, with record unemployment, during a food shortage, and a pandemic that disproportionately affects the overweight, the people add another five pounds. Outstanding. Well, it’s kind of understandable. Nothing to do except sit and eat. Maybe don’t do so much of either. 

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