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Friday, June 5, 2020

Multiple Words Of Caution! This isn’t newsworthy, per se. But, it could happen to you. Though, hopefully, not. So… I got the new sticker for my ancient SUV today (late…) and when I applied it I thought how I had not driven the tank since the [CURRENT EMERGENCY HERE] started. Wanting to check the engine (that propper prepper maintenance), I popped the back door to get my tools, chemicals, rags, and so forth, and what comes up in my face? Wasps. Many, many wasps. They had built a sizable nest in the casing of the rear hatch. I have no beef with bugs. But, when you’re not expecting something…

Like a small girl, I exclaimed, swatted, turned, twisted, tripped, and fell on the pavement as gracefully as a dead cat. NOT STUNG ONCE! Not that that mattered after my faceplant. Fortunately, no neighbors saw the embarrassing incident. I dealt with the invaders, and looked over the engine. She cranked! I took a little spin and then came home to convalesce.
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The moral? Be careful with your cars. And be careful when being careful. And, Advil. – PL

All 50 States Ranked For “Safety” – Wallet Hub

When you’re not fighting flying insects and oil leaks, there are other safety concerns. Here, find our states ranked from first to worst. The results might surprise you. Note that they have different kinds of safety and the ranking changed based on the category. I, at least, didn’t break anything.

The “V” Shape Again – CNBC

The Fed won’t let go of the idea that the economy will magically bounce back from the [Emergency Here]. So, as they’ve done several times recently anyway, they float the idea of negative rates. Technically, with the giveaways to the commercial banks (Repos), they have those now. This move would just make it “official.” Officially, it’s not a good sign and likely would only benefit the banks. However, if this happens, then there might be some small way you could benefit (refi, etc). Look out for the chance the way you would hornets under the hood. (Oh yeah, there was another nest under my hood).

Mental Health Drug Shortage? – MSN

Now add Zoloft to the list with bacon and toilet paper. Record usage, due to [imagine what] factors have strained supplies. More Americans than ever turn to pills to deal with life. Preppers should account for this turn, for themselves, for relatives, and for the others one encounters out there. Many SHTF novels deal with the side effects of medicine shortages of this kind. We should try and leave those to the fictional worlds.

The Insurrection Act – US News

There was a long-standing article of American government that held soldiers in the streets – absent war – was a bad thing. The Anti-federalists. The Civil War. The (never prosecuted) Posse Comitatus Act. There are times when troops might be needed. Of course, usually the police and the NG do their thing first. We’re in a precarious situation. Such that SecDef Espers objects to the placements. Here’s to hoping things naturally cool off soon.

Hype From China – Breitbart

I’m sure they don’t really think Trump would nuke a city or two to be done with the “protesters.” But they do have some interesting points about the political drift in the US. We are beginning to see and hear things that suggest a “failed state.” Sadly, our Frenemies are not alone in the suggestion.

CIA Analysts Alarmed – Greenwich Time

Legacy Food Storage

When people who monitored (or caused) disruptions in other countries say that they’re seeing the same things now in America, it might be time to wake up or wise up. “This is what autocrats do. This is what happens in countries before a collapse. It really does unnerve me.” I’m not the biggest fan of the CIA but that quote got my attention. My nerves are fine – are the wasps gone?! – but, you know, I’ve been getting a similar sense of decline on my own for some time now. You?

Apple Can Track And Control The Phones – FOX 5

I’ve been warning about this for a while. Some looters visited the Apple Store and made off with new iPhones, only to discover they couldn’t use them and the hardware was alerting police to their position. Now, you paid for your phone – I hope. But, if one can be tracked, they can all be tracked. Wield it and then shield it.

The Gun Store Guy Is Armed – FOX NEWS

Some dimmer-witted Philly looters discovered this true-ism. Four broke in the gun store and found the owner armed with an AR-15. Surprise! By the way, this is why we need “assault” rifles. Now, one thug is departed for good and another was hospitalized. No word on the other two, but odds are they may have wised up just a little. Don’t loot, because the victims may shoot.

Force Against Social Distance But Not For Riots? – Eric Peters

Eric noticed that in his State of Virginia (as elsewhere), the governor was willing to arrest people for not wearing fear masks or for opening their own businesses. But, let gangs of punks attack, and he gets out of the way. Why the difference? This is, after all, the governor who thinks you don’t need guns, thinks abortion is a-okay, and who used to sport blackface. Yes, overly incongruent.

Corona Oversold? – LRC

A report surfaced in Germany that casts major doubt on the seriousness of the virus and about the overkill undertaken as a result. HERE’S THE REPORT – which I cannot or have not verified. It’s in German, which I read VERY slowly and translate poorly. The gist is that the dreaded COVID is no more dangerous than the ordinary cold or flu. If so, then have we been lied to? Your own decisions and conclusion, etc.

War And Viruses (VIDEO) – Gerald Celente

Gerald, in his snappy Tom Wolfe white jacket, looks into recent events and tries to make sense. You may have noticed – several major stories have surfaced this year and seemingly defined everything. They are important, but are they being oversold just a little? It is almost like someone is trying to divide people and stoke perpetual fear. Now, who could or would do such a thing?

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