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It’s July 24, 2020


Here’s what you need to know.


News of the New Abnormal

  • Kids were getting a bit of screen time before all this started. Now, the viewing (and sitting) is up 500%!!! NextGov
  • Another “shock poll” – 3 of 4 Americans think we will never get back to normal. The others of us know that “normal” was a stretch to begin with. StudyFinds
  • This new normal is nothing of the kind, with chaos of all kinds rising worldwide. Find out what’s ahead next. RT
  • The numbers don’t lie. A mathematician predicted the current turmoil eight years ago. I did the same, but I used a calculator. Cheating? SUN
  • I also predict that the November election will change nothing. And, it’s not waiting – the first “early” votes will start in a mere six weeks. Bloomberg

Back to the screens: in Russia, some want to get the horrid devices out of the schools. An idea whose time has come! RussiaInsider

Good news in Amerika, of all places! The MO AG is demanding that the false charges against the mob attack victims who defended themselves be dropped. There is a Justice Claus after all. Read this for some facts the MSM don’t want you to know. YourDestination


Love the Big Apple?


Odds are, you’re locked out

The good dear leaders in the Imperial State have banned visitors from 31 states. Soon, if things continue, only refugees and illegals will be admitted. NBCNY


Death and Medicine


Chicken Little is all worried that people aren’t taking him seriously because he’s such an alarmist. To clarify, and in response to an OM Tweet, he says he is not an alarmist. He reiterated that the sky was still falling. NBC “News”

Legacy Food Storage

For his part, not to Tweet like an alarmist, OM said things may get worse before they get better. He also said something about the sun rising tomorrow. Something about the east. CNBC

With all these thousands of people dying [of the virus] who were going to die anyway … there’s no time to mention the 1.5 BILLION CHILDREN WE HAVE MURDERED since 1980. With crimes like this, we deserve some severe punishment. MikeSnyder




Globalists are on the ropes! An Italian politician is pushing to leave the EU – Italexit! Learn more of the good and true news from the Old Continent. Reuters


Bad news, too: why is it that everytime a church suspiciously burns in France, the same usual suspects always celebrate online? It’s like they’re trying to tell us something. Paging Dr. Martel! JIhadWatch


Euros, watch the States: OM sent the feds to restore some semblance of order in Portland. Now, he threatens the same in Chicago and maybe in NYC. Liberals suddenly discovered this odd “constitution” thingy. Very odd… BBC


The virus may have brought a little good retail news: Walmart announced it will close on Thanksgiving! That this is news suggests that we had some issues before the COVID came calling. Wait until Black Friday. Wear a Hazmat suit, maybe. AJC


News of the weird in Tha Nah-th-wudz. A property line dispute led to a creative solution and a very creative use of a reciprocating saw. Look at the pics for some very fine cutting. Read the armchair lawyer comments for a laugh or three. Maine-iacs in ‘Murica! BangorDaily




More Truth “They” Do Not Want You Knowing


Here’s the truth about George Floyd: he died of his own bad choices, from a Fentynal overdose. The exculpatory evidence is mounting in the contrived show trial cases against the police. That’s why the judge issued a gag order. Learn the truth! USASurvival

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