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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Good News! 2020 Should Be a Better Year For Flooding – Accuweather

That means less floods than we saw, nationally, in 2019. The good meteorological masters ast Accuweather crafted a map of the most at-risk locations this year. Would you believe that most of them are in or near major river valleys?! True. Take a look. The best part is that, unlike a Chinese virus, one can still visually observe the waters rising. “How high’s the water, momma?” Now, I have that song stuck in my head…

Doesn’t Canada Have Gun Control? – CBC News

It’s no laughing matter but we are told (or we were before the liberals discovered guns) that, as with medical care, Americans could stand a little Maple-leafing of their Second Amendment rights. Now, this, out of Nova Scotia. A denture maker seemingly went nuts and 16 people are dead following a manhunt and a shootout tracking across multiple towns. Very strange and very bad. But, this is yet another reminder to CARRY and to maintain that important situational awareness. There’s something else very off about this story. Time will tell.

Time Told On Florida – Tampa Bay Times

Wow! 2010 was ten years ago. Back then, right around this time, the news was all abuzz not over a virus, but rather an oil spill. The Deepwater Horizon was said to be the worst ever and would allegedly change America forever. The latter part never came true. In fact, until you just read this, you’d forgotten, right? Florida cities have forgotten as well, though they are still figuring out what to do with the settlement money from BP. Much of it has nothing to do with the environment – which, by the way, had some strange natural way of recovering just fine.

I took the following picture back in 2010 of a Florida Gulf beach. Notice the distinct lack of oil or dead sea critters? Another example of unfounded hysteria.

Picture by Perrin Lovett.

Can The US Economy Recover From Corona Mania? – Market Watch

We only have 45 days to make it or break it, whatever that means (outside of a crippling depression, I suppose). This, according to super investor Alan Lancz. He says any recovery is going to be a little slower and more painful than we’d like. And, he dismissed the “V-shaped” recovery theory as foolishness. I wrote that one off upon initially hearing about it. Whatever happens, this is going to be rough.

The Great Fish-Wrapper Bailout of 2020 – Reuters

Newspapers, large and small, are dying. Everyone knows it. Nobody reads the papers anymore. In fact, very few people read, period. THANK YOU! For your kind consideration, right here and now. (Please sign up for the email service in the little box over on the right => Thanks!) Anyway, with all the cheap money sloshing around, the failing local papers from coast to coast are lining up at the through. It’s a way to postpone the inevitable just a little longer at taxpayer expense. And, no, FP isn’t in the line.

Are We All Socialists Now? – MSN

No, you and I are not. But, as a nation with an insane governing elite, we really and truly are. Thank God (Whom you’re not allowed to worship at the moment) that we have “conservative” Republicans like Donald Trump at the helm. Can you imagine how bad the bailout spending would be under Democrats? Oh, wait. Nevermind. These people are an insult to drunken sailors everywhere. And, odds are, they’re just getting started. 

Legacy Food Storage

Oil Prices Collapse – CNBC

While spending on everything else under the sun soars, nobody is buying gas. That has driven oil prices to their lowest (real) levels in many decades. Sweet crude wet south of $8 a barrel on Monday. And, if you can believe this, West Texas Intermediate dipped into the NEGATIVE range earlier this week. Based on the old formulas, this means that a gallon of gas should cost about 26 cents now. And, in many areas it is below one dollar.

That’s great – if you have anywhere to drive to. But! What happens when the price of oil dips below the cost of producing, transporting, and refining it? Answer – a shortage will develop. That will not be so great – unless we, then, still have nowhere to go. Interesting times. Maybe go fuel up soon…

Come Now The MASSIVE Defaults – Zero Hedge

The Coronavirus did not institute the Federal Reserve in 1913. Nor did it cause us to trade real money for digital fiat. Nor did it financialize everything, leaving nothing outside of debt payments for usury’s sake. It did not wreck the economy and to blame the poor little bug is a little disingenuous. Nevertheless, the defaults – the big ones – are starting to hit now. Starting, though the end might be some time off in the future. This is a golden opportunity to halt both the disease of COVID-19 and that of the debt cycle. The bug, we’ll beat. The debt? Who knows?

Chicken Little Doubles Down On Falling Sky – Mediaite

I’ve run out of puns about Tony Fauci. He’s now upset (as perpetual?) that people want to get back to normal living, if that’s even a remote possibility. He says that doing so “too soon” will cause the sky to fall for a second, maybe a third time. At some point, perhaps people should get a second opinion. Who died and made this quack America’s doctor?

Do Not Count On A Vaccine – Guardian

Not knowing what Dr. Gates might “accidentally” slip into a vaccine, I’d advise against getting one. That may be a moot point as one health expert says that we may never see one. COVID-19 is a common cold virus, hyped in uncommon ways. We do not have a common cold vaccine. Most people seem to get by without one. Now, if they’d bring back 1980-era Contact, that might work well. As-is, wash your hands and don’t worry. You’re healthy. You’ll be fine. This assumes we’re released from our mass house arrest. Back to solitary, now…

The Great Corona-ing Of The Churches – Chuck Balwin

Religion is momentarily banned in the land of the free. Ironic, no? Abortion clinics and pot shops are essential, your Methodist church is not. Nor any other denomination. It’s allegedly to keep us saaaaaaafe. Pastor Baldwin compares the modern era of the fake mega-church to an older, saner America. This is something you’ll want to read twice. With Christianity, it seems that quality trumps quantity. 

Meanwhile, In Austria (VIDEO) – Survival Lilly

Groceries aren’t the only essentials. Some still have projects and repairs. Watch as Lilly armors up and heads into her local giant box home improvement store, Bauhaus. Bauhaus is the Home Depot of Europe, by the way. The girl wonder has carpentry and gardening on her mind and a gas mask on her (lovely) face. Watch before you venture to ACE or LOWE’S. Check your coupons. 

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