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Friday, March 27, 2020

Here Come$ the Really Big Bailout! – AP

It’s almost funny, in a horrifying way. Two weeks ago, we allegedly had the strongest economy in the history of all mankind. Today, even after massive central bank interventions, we need the largest “stimulus” package in all of recorded history. They don’t even know how many Trillions they’ll be spending; they’re just happy to do it. And, they say, even as this one meanders through Congress, that they have more “free” money behind it if necessary. There is no pretense of fiscal responsibility left in America.

Pass It to Know What’s In It? – Just the News

More pork than a bag of cracklins. The giant spree they’re planning? They haven’t even read what’s in it. When have we heard that before? But, rest assured that there will be a little for every special interest under the sun. I heard Orange Man President Trump bragging Wednesday night about arts funding to help his good friend Chucky Schumer. You know, the guy who was trying to convict him just a few… Ah, who cares? Spend your $1,200 wisely when it comes in.

Hello, Negative Interest Rates – CNBC

The “experts” told us for years, “you can’t go lower than zero!” They lied, and they knew it. The Europeans have been trapped in negative returns for years. Now, we are too, as short-term Treasuries dipped well below zero interest. That means that when you loan the government your money you have to pay them to take it. That means your money is worthless. Printing more for a bailout will only push values deeper into the hole. Bartering may be all we have left; might I suggest toilet paper, if you have it!

Quarantine as I Say, Not as I Did – USA Today

I like Dr. Rand Paul, I really do. He’s usually one of the only sane voices in Washington. But the handling of his own Coronavirus diagnosis has me and some other scratching our heads. And, he’s a doctor! Anyway, I’ll leave him alone out of respect for his devotion to liberty. I wish him a speedy recovery. But, folks, watch his case. He has some pre-existing lung issues that could complicate his case. Pay attention to how well and fast he recovers as a public barometer of how bad COVID-19 can be for a decently-healthy middle-aged man.

Other Countries Hoard Food – MSN / Bloomberg

You’re a prepper. I’m a prepper. Everyone else said preppers were crazy (this wasn’t the jingle you expected…). Just a short time ago, they said that anyone who put away for a rainy day was a hoarder and that hoarders were selfish nuts. BUT NOW! Today, it seems that everyone, including all national governments, is hoarding – particularly food. That makes decent sense. The US is a net exporter of foodstuff, so we should come out okay. There should be no shortage of vittles. That is, unless something crazy happens, like stores closing down or trucks stopping. Oh, wait… Keep on hoarding, prepper peeps!

The End of the Post Office? – Miami Herald

I think this is yet another of the pork chops writ large for the bailout bill. That, or another scare tactic. The Post Office runs a relatively reasonable operation, especially for the government. Yet, every few years, they cry that they’re broke. A bailout might help for a short time, but they obviously need to keep adjusting the business models. They’re one of the few Constitutional functions that the Gubmit actually carries out nowadays. Do your part. Buy a stamp or something.

Los Angeles: Close the Gun Shops Now – Fox 11

Okay, now we get serious. This is exactly the kind of story one would expect out of Commiefornia. Just when things are getting dicey, the Sheriff shuts down the ability of the people to buy and maintain and load their arms. Under a state of emergency, during a pandemic and an economic depression, when criminals are being released and new crimes aren’t being investigated or prosecuted, wouldn’t it make sense to consider guns a necessity?! The Courts are closed, so forget the 2A challenges. Maybe look at the script of Escape from LA for some ideas.

Legacy Food Storage

LA to Cut Some Power and Water Utilities; A Trend?? – KTLA 5

Also, pay close attention to this California third-world special. On the surface, it almost makes sense. The police state wants private businesses closed so the economy will tank and the welfare rolls will grow – more control for the masters that way. You, the guy running the whatever business, get in the way by continuing to mind your own business – literally. So, their response is to cut off the lights.

Watch this one. One, look for it to spread from the Left Coast as so many bad ideas generally do. Then, look for signs of generalized utility cuts. This is a trend that could quite literally put America in the dark. If you don’t have alternatives for freshwater and heat and lights, then YESTERDAY was the time to take action. All you crazy hoarders know that though.

COVID Justice Reform – Release the Inmates! – Greenwich Time

As I mentioned, jails all over the country are looking for any way to release large numbers of inmates. This may be two things. One, it may be a catalyst for more crime. But, it also might be the beginnings of needed reform in the criminal justice system. We have more people behind bars than any other country on Earth. What, are we a bunch of degenerates? Or, do we maybe lock some people up that we shouldn’t. Perhaps it’s time to rethink the criminalization of everything (and, Libertarians, I am not just talking about dope). Of course, the irony is that these prisoners are being released into a nation where everyone is voluntarily self-incarcerating. These times…

Cover Your Cough or You’re a Terrorist – Politico

A new class of criminals just might be those who use or threaten to use the Corona as a weapon. The DOJ may start charging them as terrorists. Yesterday, we mentioned the potential of new ISIS activity. Now, is not covering a sneeze the same as plotting a car bombing? If anything, practice good manners and you should be fine. For the conspiracy-minded out there, these might be very interesting cases. The government would, among other things, have to scientifically prove what the COVID is. Can they even do that? Let’s hope we don’t have to find out.

Waffle House Closes Restaurants! That Does Not Happen… – the AJC

Now we should be worried. Georgia-based Waffle House is an institution like few others. FEMA uses the chain as a bellwether for how bad emergencies are. If “Awful Waffle” is open, then all is not lost. The majority are still operating. But, more than 300 are being closed. That has never happened. It may be that our dreams as a nation are scattered, covered, and smothered.

Free Speech Isn’t Free if it Offends Liberals – Minding the Campus

Colleges have long been a bastion for that strange, misunderstood concept known as free speech. Anything goes, right? If you’re offended, then just avert your ears and eyes, right? Well, that only applies to us. Should a conservative professor (I know, I was surprised they still had one) doesn’t tow the cultural Marxist line, then he can twist in the SJW wind. Worst, the federal courts have decreed that free speech isn’t really free after all – for some. Young preppers, really think through your potential college careers. There are still good schools, but they’re fewer and farther between. Do your research, and DO NOT support people who hate you and won’t hesitate to silence you.

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