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Thursday, May 7, 2020

About A Ghost From A Wishing Well – MSN/Bloomberg

What a tale our thoughts could tell. Sometimes, we’re fortunate that nobody can read them. But, what if someone could? Someone – more than some one – wants to. See, here, the mind-reading helmet of the future. Actually, it’s here now, in rather primitive form. That will change as the technology rapidly advances. This is only a stepping stone to wireless remote physic voyeurism. The day isn’t too far removed when that could be a reality. They could use *cough*cough* 5G *cough* to do it. Why?

Bill Gates’s Mark Of The Digital Beast – Ann Barnhardt

Think of it as a vaccine PLUS! Plus Orwellian spy tech. All thanks to the nerd who ruined home computing for millions. Yes, that is “Luciferase” in the name. And, yes, the same is a common and long-standing chemical and bio-genetic phenomena used by science and nature – derived from Latin for “light-bringer” or “thing of light.” However, couple that with a patent number that has 060606 in it and suddenly the coincidence no longer looks random. These people always have a plan, and a plan behind the plan. What’s your plan?

Seriously, They Always Have A Plan – Wall Street Journal

Why is it, or how is it, that so many government and corporate executives knew to take action over the pandemic – long before there was a pandemic? Yes, I agree: they obviously knew about it because they did it… While we wait on the SS to shut down our computers in a minute, let’s read about how the insurance industry started taking remedial actions last year and before anyone (else) knew what was going on. How convenient. We, all of us, are in the wrong business.

(18) Signs Of The Times – Michael Snyder

A great little list of what’s happening in our economy as it circles the drain. You’re unemployed – as are your neighbors. Gas and cars and houses and anything else just don’t sell like they used to. Big name companies are going bankrupt. Governments do what they do. Other countries are affected. “They” knew then; at least we know now.

The Future Of The Friendly Skies – USA Today

Okay, they haven’t been that friendly in 20 years. And, more changes are coming – for saaaaaafety – to make 9/11 security look childish. But, for now, few if anyone travels by air. It’s like we’re back a century or something. Treasury Sec. Mnuchin says that will change and starting (soon) with domestic flights. International travel will also resume, so long as your “essential” – meaning the government or their corporate lackeys. The rest can and will wait. You’ll wait at the airport when the time comes, for a more enhanced health and security theater. Meanwhile, your kind tax donations will prop up the failed airlines. A win-win – for someone.

Finding Farms For Food – WKBN27

As domestic meat and food shortages grow, people are starting to venture out to the sources, visiting farms and markets directly. Preppers might suspect that this is natural. And it’s a great reminder that sometimes it pays to be the source. Gardens, small livestock, hunting, and fishing were the past. What’s old is new again.

How Bad Is The Shortage? – Yahoo!

Well, Wendy’s, whom many consider the best of the fast food hamburger joints, is temporarily not serving hamburgers. For now, get your chicken fix. Then, we might have to settle for the potatoes. Hopefully, they’ll soon return the beef. Where’s the beef?! And, they should bring back those old-fashioned newspaper tabletops while they’re at it.

Legacy Food Storage

British Blueprint For A New Normal – Daily Mail

What happens on the eastern side of the Pond usually spreads west, so pay attention. Read about the proposed changes that will alter the way people work, live, and leave the house. That is, unless they’re old or out of shape, in which case the lockdown will last and last. Can’t make this stuff up – they even call it a “Brave New World.” Roger, Airstrip One, over and out.

Goodbye Gold’s Gym? – MSN

They’ll be around in some form or another. But the parent company of the storied workout business is filing for Chapter 11 protection – a sign of the crazed times. Just when you want to get in shape, so you can leave the house, they close the gym. At least you can still run at the park – unless that’s illegal where you are…

The Waffle Barometer – Bloomberg

Waffle House has become the standard for judging how bad something is. They’re open 24/7/365 no matter what. If one closes, there is something seriously wrong going on nearby. Like a hurricane or a pandemic. In Georgia and a few other places, they’re back and ready for in-store dining – with some modifications. Learn about what you can expect when (or if) your favorite eatery reopens. Scattered, smothered, and covered.

It’s The Fed, Stupid! – Ron Paul/LRC

The good doctor is back and beating the Federal Reserve drum again. Odds are, few will hear it this time – just like the other times. But, he’s as right as rain. The actions being taken by the government and their banking masters are far worse, and longer-lasting than any pandemic. They are the real sickness. It’s terminal but it just won’t die. Nothing will be done, but at least we had a good first opinion.

EZ Survival Food (VIDEO) – MD Creekmore

The shelves are still a little empty and we really haven’t even seen the brunt of the coming (well, here now) shortages. But there will still be items in the grocery store. The trick is to know what to pick. This video has the answers. Good foods, in the stores, that last, and that are still available. Remember these tips and use them after the current emergency has abated. There will be another, and you’ll still want to eat then. PS: leave Bob at home when shopping.

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