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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

It Was Tax Day. Now, Fortunately, It’s Corona Day. Whee…

A Heavy Matter: Corona And Obesity – ZD Net

Age aside, what do most COVID patients have in common? Give up? They’re mostly obese. Being fat – what it is – is the number one pre-existing condition that is taking down so many people around the world, especialy in the USA. Americans have, over the past fifty years, become rather large and NOT in charge of their collective health. Being burdened by an additional 20, 50, or 100+ pounds makes life difficult on a good day. Add in a severe disease, and it can be terminal. Shape up. Slim down. Eat less, and walk around.

It’s Official: The Entire USA Is A Disaster – The Hill

We kind of knew that, as-was. But now, with Wyoming caving and declaring an emergency, it is official! Every State in the USA is a disaster zone. BECAUSE OF THE VIRUS! Right… I see the Wu Flu as icing on a cake long since baked. It’s spoiled and needs to be tossed. This may be our best chance for a national reset. Hold your breath!

18 More Months Of House Arrest? – MSN/Bloomberg

For crimes we did not commit. A rolling lockdown is a lot like a rolling blackout, except that the lights stay on and you can’t go anywhere. Like it? If so, great! We may have another year and a half of this nonsense, up until the time they develop a vaccine or people embrace Chloroquine and simple exercise. My guess is that the vaccine comes first and that it will become the new problem. After that, maybe we can enter into solitary confinement forever. Kashkari. His name, this Fed bankster, is Cash-n-Carry. Nice.

Meet The New Corona Bosses – Stamford Advocate

Right now, all around the world, a tiny tribe of otherwise useless autocrats are seizing on the panic of the people and installing themselves as petty dictators. Always an emergency. Make the trade. Freedom for security. You know the drill. My hope is that if this episode ever ends, that the people will finally wake up and throw these idiots out of power and perhaps into the sea. Otherwise, history dictates that they will never give up the power willingly. It’s up to us. 

Corona Is The Excuse They’ve Been Waiting For – Taki’s Mag

Read more great opinions about what the “elites” are up to. They never let a chance to take authority pass them by. ID2020? What’s that? It’s just part of their plans for you. They’re counting on you doing your part, like sheep, and going along. It’s a nice pen they’ve built and the grass ain’t bad. Of course, the price is giving up everything you value and eternal serfdom. 

Picking The Wrong Enemy – Info Clearinghouse

As noted above, the US has no shortage of internal threats to our freedoms. Just yesterday, some were worried about a permanent deep state and its power. There was mention of a “storm” a-coming. Rumor had it that Orange Man was about to lower the treason boom and AG Barr was his executioner. Now, to kick things off, Barr seems to embrace the Neocons crazy dream of attacking Russia, er, excuse me, attacking China. You know, because the Chinese came over here and took over and locked everyone in their homes and all. I’ve noted that these people keep preaching about “war.” Maybe this is it. 

Can We Ever Restart The Economy? – The Hour

Legacy Food Storage

What do we have now? 500,000 cases and 20,000 deaths? With the deaths being mostly of people who were dying anyway? Sad as that is, utterly destroying the country might have been the wrong solution. It’s like life became a zombie movie and they nuked us to save us. Now, a little late in the game, there’s a debate about when to get back to “normal,” if that’s even possible anymore. While we inch slowly towards 600,000 and 30,000, respectively, 330,000,000 wait and waste. 

Rennegade Tampa Pastor Tells It Like It Is – The Hour

While we wait, most of us are effectively banned from our churches – in many cases by the churches themselves. A few Godly men have defied the insanity. One of them, a preacher from Tampa, was arrested. He’s still on the fence about continuing open Christianity and risking further persecution – like Second Century Rome or something. While he decides, he’s online with a new video. He correctly identifies the tyrants as the worst problem. Will they arrest him for that? After all, if there’s no free exercise of religion, how can there be any free speech?

Whistful Eulogy For The Devil Mouse – The NY Times

Carlos Slim’s Blog, aka The New York Times, still enjoys their speech. They’re liberals, so it’s okay. And, they went on a rant against one of the women they supposedly believe after she accused Sleepy Joe of… Sorry, wrong rant. They rant and praise the former (maybe again) Bob Iger of Disney in his quest to keep all that healthy subversion flowing in Hellywood and Mouseland. Did he pay them to write this drivel? Will you pay Disney to continue their works? Walt and Roy could have never dreamed of such lunacy.

Now They Brag About Stealing Our Masks – Central News Now

Remember when American doctors needed a million medical masks and our thoughtful government sent them to the IDF instead? No? Well, it happened. And, it turns out that Mossad had a hand in trying to loot all the internation medical supplies they could find. The Great N-95 Heist of 2020! From their point of view, I suppose this was brave and efficient. From ours, with allies like these…

Reuters Notices Why Usury Is A Sin – Reuters

Usury = slavery = slow death. There’s a reason why the Bible and previously civilized societies banned the practice. Now, however, that we are soooo much more enlightened, we allow this insidious theft. Our friends in the mainstream media noticed the problem – in India. They could have simply looked around any American town. We (and the Indians) need a debt Jubilee!

The Tavor TS12 Shotgun (VIDEO) – Hickok45

Rounding out today’s news, here’s a fun one! Check out another fantastic high-capacity shotgun, for when the old 870 isn’t enough. Dear liberal friends and new gun enthusiasts: this is one of those weapons you previously said private citizens don’t need but you now want. Your recent revelations are accurate. These things are fun, efficient, and effective. $1,300 is a little steep, but it’s money well spent. By the way, this is not an “AR-47.”

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